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  • Item Type: Digital Wristwatches
  • Feature: Complete Calendar, Shock Resistant, Stop Watch, LED display, Auto Date, Week Display, Water Resistant, Chronograph, Back Light, Swim, Alarm, Luminous
  • Band Material Type: Rubber
  • Dial Diameter: 50mm
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Band Length: 24cm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Water Resistance Depth: 5Bar
  • Movement: Digital
  • Case Thickness: 15mm
  • Dial Window Material Type: Coated Glass


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Black, Blue, Red, gold, Green, Khaki

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    Richard Rochester

    Excellent timepiece of proportional size for average size wrists. Digital functions are easy to use and read in the digital display. Tested the hands illumination – if hands exposed to bright light (light bulb or flashlight) when going to bed, the watch time is readable until dawn. Of course the glow fades during the night, but was very readable in morning darkness. True to G-Shock heritage, the accuracy is outstanding — drifted a couple of seconds over six months and easily reset both the analog hands and the digital seconds. Definitely a handsome watch reeking with G-Shock character! BTW, there are third party strap adapters and bands fitting the G-100 that provide another dimension of quality, comfort and appearance – I selected a canvass strap for me.

  2. 95

    B. Jones

    I’ve had this watch for about a year now. I purchased because I wanted something rugged, truly water proof and stylish.So here are my thoughts.Like others have also noted strap is very short. I have a small wrist so not a problem for me but if you have a large wrist you will find the band too small.The digital display cannot be read because the minute hand blocks the display for 20 mins out of every hour or 1/3 of the time which is very annoying. The numbers in the digital display are also very small.Forget about seeing in the dark, the light is useless as are the glow in the dark hands.I do think the watch looks nice and the gshock does take lots of abuse. If they could fix the above items they would have a 5 star product.

  3. 95


    Good looking. It has become my formal G-Shock watch as opposed to my atomic, sun-charged work (DIY) watch. When I really took a look at it on my wrist, I thought the second hand had fallen off, because there was no second hand visible. And none included. How about that? Never had a analog watch without a second hand. But, who cares? It’s good looking. Seems to work, seems sturdy, and claims to be pretty water resistant. I’ve got the digital display on date and can read it most of the time. The only thing I have to concern myself is with the battery disclaimer that states the battery included may not last as long as a new one, since it has be ‘on’ since it was manufactured! I guess it will die, and I will cast about for a repair location when it happens.

  4. 95


    ComprŽ este modelo para sustituir un viejo G-Shock. Es liviano, posee doble pantalla siendo la an‡loga la principal y cron—metro, hora mundial y fecha en la digital. Su precio es muy bueno y G-shock siempre ha hecho relojes duraderos, pr‡cticos y econ—micos

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    Got this to wear while flying. Climbing around the airplane doing pre-flight checks, didn’t want to be constantly banging up my mechanical Tissot; also wanted a watch I could have both local and ‘Zulu’ time set on. This is a dual timezone watch; I leave one timezone set to UTC and the analog hands (and the ‘other’ digital display, set separately) set to local time. There’s a usable backlight and the hands are luminous for a while after light goes away. There’s a stopwatch feature I’ve used a couple of times. It’s overall a pretty good watch. Only real complaints: (1) The digital time can be nigh impossible to read behind the analog hands; and (2) setting the analog hands is a tedious process, though you only have to do it twice a year.

  6. 95


    Initially I was looking to purchase a Luminox navy seal dive watch but I refrained because of its price. The main thing that attracted me towards the Luminox watch was its durability. I wanted to purchase a watch that could withstand the risks of day to day wear in all conditions (outdoors, exercising, everything). I am thoroughly impressed with this product.1) Super light weight. I was concerned at first because I thought it would be bulky and heavy. It is surprisingly light and has a very solid feel to it. The band is very comfortable and strong. I’ve sweated in this thing several times and it does not leave a nasty smell like the leather bands.2) Looks good. I can wear this while working out, going downtown, with any business casual attire. It is CLEAN! I have gotten numerous comments about it too.3) Durable. I have already banged it into desk corners, door jams. It has been with me during drunken nights. I can be pretty wreckless with it and not have to worry about damage. (this is super important…if I bought the Luminox watch, I would be super protective about it not because of questionable durability, but because I spent a ton of money on it).4) Easy to use. Setting the time, adjusting time zones. Super easy.Potential problem areas:1) Setting the time requires you to hold a button down and it only moves in one direction. It takes a little while longer to set the time initially but in my opinion it is not a big deal at all. (maybe like another minute or two of your time max).2) Because this is primarily an analog watch, it does obstruct the digital aspect of the watch at certain times. Not a big deal to me because you can still read it if you tilt the watch a certain direction. If your really invested in using the stopwatch, another timezone, or anything related to the digital function, I would recommend purchasing a DIGITAL watch.

  7. 95

    buviz store Customer

    Functions, but band is terrible. No way that I’ve found to enable silent mode when toggling to see date. If I get/try another band, maybe I’ll update the review, but for now – disappointing when I was going for relatively simple, but the band is just not good. The sliding loop to hold the band together slips off too easily as well, causing the slack to catch on sleeves.

  8. 95

    buviz store Customer

    I have been wanting a g-shock for a while now so I decided to finally buy it. It is just what yous expect. Its not bulky or heavy it fits great on my wrist and you can tell that this thing can take a beating. Its easy to set and in my opinion one of the best watches an outdoorsman like myself can buy. I love my G-Shock!

  9. 95


    I already had one for myself and bought this one for my brother-in-law (yes, believe it or not). I’ve had this one for over three years now and I haven’t had any problems with it. I swam with it, I sweat a lot when I play racket sports and I’ve kept it on my wrist a few times in the shower too. It keeps ticking. I have not experienced any drifts in times nor did I have to replace the battery since I bought it. The only thing of concern (maybe for some people) is the pushbutton you have to keep pressed to adjust the analog time (it takes about a minute every time there is a daylight saving time change)… but that is a minor thing compared with all the rest of the great features. Oh and by the way, I have dropped it almost over dozen times and the glass held up nicely. Not even a scratch because the casing keeps it well secured. Overall a great product. Unfortunately, G-shock didn’t come up with a female version of this watch – the moment they do, I will buy it for my wife.

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    This watch was delivered in a timely manner, and everything looked just like it’s supposed to. This is my first G, and I bought it because of all the really good reviews I read. I’m not disappointed. I will say the watch wears a little smaller than I had expected, but that is a benefit, it’s not bulky and is very comfortable. I have an invicta that is really too big, the G-Shock is just right. As far as the durability is concerned, I’ve owned this watch for a couple of months, and did some work in an industrial environment without any issues. I’ll admit I’m not extremely rough on my watches(I like them too much lol) but I have no reason to believe this watch will not hold up as well as everyone says. The only reason I’m giving this watch 4 stars instead of 5 is because it is a little difficult to read the digital numbers when the analog hands are between the 4 and the 8. Even with that, I would still highly recommend this watch.

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    Many people have reviewed this watch, I wanted to have an ana-digi watch with the negative display and this G-shock does it’s job well. There are a lot of complaints about the negative digital numbers/display being too dark and on other G-shock’s the numbers are brighter. If that’s what you want then get the other watch, it’s not that big of a problem. Sure the hands are going to block the digital display as well at certain times of the day but it is expected. It does take awhile for the hands to rotate when setting the piece when holding the button down but honestly, how many times do you do it? All in all I like it, it’s accurate and is a G-shock, have bumped it several times on metal file cabinets and shelves at work, the high bezel keeps the crystal from getting scratched or broken from a direct hit. If you need a classic analog and like digital as well, buy this one.

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    First, the Good:Like call G-shock G-Shock watches, this is cool looking, comfortable, and above all else–tough. I don’t take mine off–ever. I shower with it, sleep with it on, everything. It gets wet, banged around, thumped, shaken, and never had a problem. Controls are easy to use. Excellent everyday watch in most respects.The Bad:Despite the picture, it is very difficult to see the hands even in low light, let alone no light. There just isn’t enough contrast. Yes, you can hit the light to read the time in the digital display, but I want something I can glance at and tell the time. This brings us to the first problem. The ‘afterglow’ feature is next to useless. Yes, it lights up in low or no light conditions. The problem is it needs light to charge up the particles in the gas to make it glow. That means that it will glow for a pretty short period of time. Plan on seeing it glow even ten minutes after the lights are out, and you’re out of luck. Even with my lamp on in the other corner of the room, it isn’t enough light to keep them lit up. I’ll have to do some research into another model that has better features in that respect. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.I really wanted to give this more stars, but given that it performs so poorly in low or zero light, I just can’t do it. It’s a great watch and I’ll definitely use it when I’m out and about, but even in a poorly lit room, you can barely see the hands on this thing, which is disappointing.

  13. 95

    The Professor

    Like the headline states, this is probably the simplest G-Shock because the features are a bit thin. People that are used to the typical G features should be aware of this. There is no countdown timer or auto EL (when tilted towards you) and you can only have one dual time zone too. This is an aside but the LCD is a negative display which has its cons. It’s great in the day, but you have to use the light button at night when analog reading isn’t an option. I’m not going to subtract stars because there was a picture and I didn’t notice the display was hard to see at night. Perfect indestructible analog other than those small issues. It is insanely accurate and SOLID feeling because it has a smaller size in diameter but it’s thick like usual G’s. At $50ish bucks, I can’t find a downside-highly recommended!

  14. 95

    Alex Montgomery-Buchino

    First of all I really like the style, color combination. It is also a great size, not small, not too large. So many watches these days seem way to big, especially for those of use that don’t have gorilla wrists.The band loop/retainer is poorly designed. The opening is way to high for the band thickness so it tends to keeps sliding away leaving the end of the band to flap around and catch on things. The opening height should be around 5mm and it is probably 8mm-10mm (I don’t have it with me to measure). I’ve been an engineer for 20+ years, this is poor attention to detail. Luckily I found replacement loops from another buviz vendor that have an opening 20mm x 5mm – problem solved for less than $10.The digital display is hard to see especially for those of us with older eyes. It is also blocked by the hands between the 4 and 8 positions, but I guess that should be obvious by the design.It has been a while, but I remember setting the correct time seemed tedious. Certainly not as easy as it is on some other watches I have.Overall I really like the watch and would recommend it (especially for the price) just make sure you get the smaller replacement band loops.

  15. 95


    I travel in lots of places around the world (including those populated by thieves in Europe). I wanted a watch to replace my Rolex so some thug didn’t chop my arm off to get it.This watch looked great, but resetting the time requires standing on one foot while rubbing your belly, holding down three obscure buttons…and you get the point: too much overhead.Have decided since it’s insured, I’ll quickly take the Rolex off and hand it to the crook.

  16. 95

    don r.hieronimus

    Writing this review because I had a time choosing a g shock that was the right size for my small 8 year old son. This one fits really good, without having to order the womenÕs ÒbabyÓ shock or the s-series…some of those two being more expensive. The watch fits him, a bit larger on his wrist than a regular childÕs watch would be..but fits as a g-shock should…they are made large. The watch also fits my 12 year old son as well. He could have stood a larger one for the usual ÒfitÓ of a g shock, but still fits him great. A nice looking watch as well. One of the few analog-digital that is a smaller diameter.

  17. 95

    David S.

    This is my first G-shock watch and first watch of this type. The reviews were all good so I wanted to try it. It may be a lower end G-shock but it is the only one I have had. The price on buviz was wonderful! I see it priced at least 20% higher on other sites. It is the best fitting watch i have ever placed upon my wrist. It feels good and sits just the way I like it. The dial can be a bit dark depending on the lighting of the room. I knew it did not have a second hand so I can’t factor that into this review. I have only had it for about 10 days now so my judgement is not final. However, I am glad I bought it, love the fit, happy with the price, & G-shock G-shock has a very good reputation. I am no whiz but setting the time etc. was simple. If I can do it easily, anyone can.

  18. 95

    Samuel G.

    I’ve had this watch and worn it daily for almost 4 years. It’s been washed, showered with, chewed on by infants and a Labrador, and it’s almost in the exact same shape it was in the day I bought it. It’s been on three different continents, it’s been worn during live weapons fire, it’s been worn on the couch, it’s been worn in the desert, it’s been worn on the beach, in salt water, it’s had food and drink spilled on it, it’s been worn in 100 degree heat with 90% humidity, and out in the freezing Michigan winters, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to break the damn thing.Seriously a great watch and a fair price.UPDATE: I finally killed it. The watch itself is just fine, but the band snapped and during the spring action flip, left a pretty vicious scratch on the face. IÕve retired it.I firmly believe that it could have been re-banded and buffed and would have worked just fine.The only complaint I can make operationally is that setting the hands is a pain in the rear. Outstanding product that IÕve replaced with another G-Shock.

  19. 95

    M. Davis

    It’s a great watch for the price. I appreciate the dual time display. Analog is on local time and digital is on zulu time for me. It’s durable and simple. It’s very light weight. The light is enough to help you see the digital time with out being bright enough to mess with your night vision. This is also not a huge watch like most G-Shock watches are. It does not have a sweeping second hand but seconds are displayed on the digital display. The watch does not break the bank which means I won’t be to bothered if I destroy it. It’s a tool not an heirloom.

  20. 95


    This is my third G100 in nearly 30 years. It also is my daily work watch in an unforgiving outdoor work environment where I weld, work on engines and even find myself submerged in water from time to time. There is no better watch for the money…period.That said, I was pleasantly surprised to see that sometime in the past ten years the plastic finish went from gloss to flat (or matte) and it looks better then ever.In all that time I have yet to change a battery, the watch usually suffers from a broken wrist band after years of abuse.

  21. 95


    Amazing product and workmanship for the price advertised ….

  22. 95


    Nice looking and very sturdy plastic watch. I’ve had several similar G-shocks (analog/digital) over the years and still use one that has a broken bezel and has to be at least 10 years old just use for working in the garage, etc. This one lacks a sweep second hand which is a minor annoyance but it has a stop watch built into the digital display. The band is mounted with the buckle on the 12 O’clock end of the watch which for some reason makes it difficult for me to me to put the watch on. I know it can be reversed but its a pain to do it. I’ll probably substitute a velcro strap at some point.

  23. 95

    Rob Dickar

    This was one of the first G-Shock watches I purchased.I have a 6 3/4′ wrist, so I wanted a rugged, durable, and sensible watch that fit me. A lot of the newer G-Shock Classic watches, that I tried on at Macy’s, were huge and they looked absolutely ridiculous on my smallish wrist like theÊG-shock Men’s GA110RG-1A G-Shock Black Watch, and theÊG-shock G-Shock Quartz Men’s Watch GA201-1AI’m happy to say that the G100-1BV watch fit me perfectly bet, even though I do like an analogue display, I think it’s a little hard to read on this watch. I will agree with other reviewers when they point out that the digital display is completed obscured from view, twice a day, at 6:30 am / pm. The reverse digital display is also not easy to read without the illumination (which will kill the battery).The G100-1BV watch is light and comfortable. The buttons are all easy to use, but not so easy that you might accidentally press one of them. The included manual tells you how to adjust the watch’s analogue and digital displays, set the date, set alarms, etc. Overall, compared to other watches in the G-Shock line up, this is very basic. This doesn’t come with a ton of features, just the simple stuff.It is a good looking watch, it’s all black, it’s comfortable, it’s lightweight, it’s rugged, and it tells time. It is just what I thought I was looking for.Unfortunately, some day, the battery will die and that will be the end of this watch.I like the idea of the solar battery feature found on other G-Shock watches, as well as the ability of other G-Shock watches to sync with the atomic clock every night (but you have to put your watch in the window at night for this to take place with the 12 o’clock facing up).At $54, I think that the price is a little steep for the G100-1BV. If I had it to do over again, I might get the G9000-1V for $10 more. The G9000-1V also uses a battery that will die but, I think, it is a similar sized watch, offers more features, and it has an all digital display that is easier to read, plus, you get to have a MUDMAN! lol. I know I said I wanted an analogue display and that’s what I got, but the digital display on some of the other G-Shock watches are easier to read than the analogue display of the G100-1BV, especially at night.I believe this watch is now discontinued because I cannot find it on G-shock’s gshock dot com web page so, you might want to take that into consideration if you decide to purchase this watch.

  24. 95

    Steve S.

    I honestly thought I reviewed this watch but I guess not. This watch has been nothing less than spectacular especially for the price paid! I bought this watch early September of 2012 and this watch hasn’t needed a battery replacement nor any modifications. Smooth clean watch that I would recommend to anyone! Plus the glow in the dark dials are tremendously helful to have during night time explorations. This watch is such a strong watch and extremely durable and this is coming from an active lifestyle standpoint.

  25. 95

    Brett T

    Awesome watch. Simple and not too large. I got this as a replacement of the same model that the band and bezel had deteriorated on. I had the exact same watch for 12 years and it didn’t need a new battery the entire time. It’s been in oceans, mountains above 14k feet and with me everywhere inbetween. The glass never scratched and the watch keeps really good time (about a minute or two fast every year). The band and plastic around the watch itself failed before the battery did! I decided to get a new one when I found out a new battery and surrounding plastic would cost just as much if not more than getting a new one from buviz warehouse.

  26. 95


    Alright…third G-shock and third review. I love it. My second G shock was a AW-591. I have a digital (G-7900 which is still my favorite) and wanted one with numbers. This G-100 is the same size as the AW, but the face is much less complicated. I hate the white numbers on black background, as I said about the AW-591 because you can’t read them in anything but bright light; and when the minute hand is at the bottom of this one (:20-:40) you can’t see the digital face. However, all in all, this is a nice, almost ‘classic’ watch. Of course it’s waterproof and ‘shock’ resistant. I’m not too hard on these, but they’ve withstood all I’ve given them. I own two Omega watches but wear the G-shocks. They are well worth the money.

  27. 95

    Francisco Loo

    I love this watch, which is odd, because in general I dislike watches. I got this one because I like the look and ruggedness of G-Shock watches, and the price wasn’t too terrible. The watch itself is comfortable. I’ve worn it 24/7 for the past six months and have no complaints about its weight or anything like that. It’s also not overly lar ge, which is a plus in my book. Some watches are massive, and look kind of silly in my opinion. It’s also been resilient to brushes against walls, and minor bumps into hard objects. At this point it has no visible scratches and looks just as it did out of the box.Pros: Durable, matte finish, Easy to read, not complicated to setup/use, relatively inexpensiveCons: Seems to get moisture under the glass, though it eventually clears out

  28. 95

    Lou M.

    Great rugged watch. The small display at the bottom of the watch face can be tough to see but you simply hit the light button and it’s no issue. The is a good watch if you have a smaller wrist. It’s not the huge size face of the other G-Shock watches. So far, it’s kept very accurate time. I can recommend this one.

  29. 95

    Ed L


  30. 95


    I recently purchased this watch and I am really satisfied with this purchase. Here are my highlights:1) It fits perfectly to my medium sized wrist.2) It was was easy to adjust the time, date & alarm.3) I thought I would miss the seconds arm but not a problem. If you really need it just check digital time.4) The alarm isn’t very loud but it’s a great backup alarm.5) The wrist strap is just the right size for me, not too big nor too small. The big plus is there’s no visible pins so it’s seems to be integrated with the watch very solidly.6). I took several showers with it without any water problems. It’s waterproof for my purposes.All in all, I rate it a 5/5. buviz got it to my residence quickly. Great customer service!!!

  31. 95

    G. Whitney

    I’m gonna go straight to the point, i love this watch. Technically you could set 3 different times on it, analog for local, digital for another place and zulu time for the dual clock setting. I also like that it has afterglow illumination. If you look at the hourly marker afterglows in a military application, the tick at 5 disappears until 7. Tactically thinking, it could mean either it is about to get bright (0500hrs) or it’s about to get dark (1700hrs). That is why i think this watch is purposely designed in such way.

  32. 95


    Great tough watch. Been wearing everday now for about 6 months. Stays on in the shower, swimming in the lake, changing the oil, working outside, hunting, etc. So far held up great, anything that gets on it cleans up nicely. Glass has taken some hits, and still looks new. Nice green light on the digital portion is easy to see at night. As other stated, when the hands are down in the digital area it IS hard to see, but I don’t rely on the digital too much so its a minor issue with me. Glad I purchased.

  33. 95

    Greg W

    I say YES to COMPASS & THERMOMETER.Here’s how………. I myself am a critic of watches and everybody has their preference I know. My style of what I want in a watch is it has to be Rugged, Reliable, and from my Military background I prefer Tactical as well. This watch meets ALL requirements. It also has a few hidden additions that I will share. yes, in fact it CAN be used as a Compass, And as a Thermometer as well….In the Northern Celestial Hemisphere hold the watch horizontal and point the hour hand at the sun. I.E. (a fixed position such as a stick placed in the ground will cast a shadow towards you, and across the hour hand to the center of the watch as you face the direction of the sun). Then, on the watch locate the mark between the hour hand and the 12 o’clock position, That mark on the watch is the South direction. (keep in mind…in the northern hemisphere @ high noon shadows fall to the south direction) TEMPERATURE: At dusk, listen for crickets…using the stopwatch mode, count how many chirps from a cricket take place within 15 seconds…then, add that number to 40. I.E. 35 chirps within .15 seconds +40 = a temperature of 75* degrees Fahrenheit… (This method is accurate within 3 degrees either warmer, or cooler to your determined temp.) Hope this helps using this watch on a whole new level………*Cheers**Disclaimer*…Negative comments to my post will not receive any response on my behalf.

  34. 95

    B Sharp

    I love this watch. I’ve had it for about 2.5 years and it still works great. Looks rugged without being obnoxiously big, and has just the right amount of functionality. I’ve gone swimming with it many times without a problem.As other reviewers have noted, when setting the analog time, it only goes in one direction and the button is QUITE difficult to press for a long time. It’s not a huge problem, but a minor inconvenience.KEEP IT AWAY FROM BUG SPRAY. Mosquito spray will visibly mark the finish and you’ll end up with some weird looking splotches.

  35. 95


    I can echo a few things other reviewers have mentionedthis watch is tough, I have worn it while doing numerous things I wouldnt dare do while wearing other watches, huge landscaping project, roofing, jackhammering, stump grinding, mixing/pouring concrete. I rinse it off in the shower and its good to go.It keeps time well, cant complain about its accuracy.The band is not very large, I am on the 4th notch and my wrist isnt THAT bigYou cant see the digital screen that well at certain times of the day due to analog handsIt is a big annoying to set the time due to only going forward.It’s a fantastic watch for the price, any shocked about the hands obscuring the screen and taking off 2+ stars for it is silly IMO, its obvious from the photos that its going to happen based on design, and the design was likely chosen to keep the watch face a managable sizeI thought about 4/5, due to the watch strap size, but really, for the price, with that issue in mind, its still a great buy.

  36. 95

    arelys diaz

    I prefer analog watches to digital watches, and own several sport versions of both (Hamilton, Timex, Bertucci, G-shock, and Freestyle) because I appreciate the convenience and utility of having digital functions as well as an alarm under certain circumstances/conditions. A G-shock G-Shock digital watch has been my timepiece of choice for backpacking and other extended outdoor and aquatic activities for 10+ years, and it has worked flawlessly. One of my favorite things about it is the durability of the watchband–I’ve never had to replace it.Two months ago, when I was in the market for a new sport watch, I found this model among buviz’s G-shock selection. I read several reviews and, as the appearance, features, analog/digital design and price all met or exceeded my needs and expectations, I decided to purchase it. The watch arrived a few days after I placed my online order and I haven’t taken it off since then. Further, it has kept perfect time (according to weekly checks against U.S. timekeeping websites) since I began wearing it–I have not adjusted the analog or digital time even once.Yes, this model takes a little more time to set the analog time on than most analog watches. Yes, it lacks a second hand. Yes, the digital readout window is small and difficult to read under certain lighting conditions and at certain times of the day when the hour and minute hands obscure the digital readout. However, I was aware of these issues before buying it. None of them are significant to me, and the cumulative attributes of this watch far outweigh these minor inconveniences. Given the opportunity, the only thing I would change on this watch would be to make the medium gray minute hash marks on the watch face a bright white color to enhance readability.I would recommend this model to anyone who needs a reasonably priced sport watch that offers terrific value, accuracy, useful features, and rugged/reliable performance in an attractive size and design that’s comfortable to wear in a variety of settings and activities.

  37. 95


    Actually a lot more compact than I thought, but better looking than in the ad. Some have complained about the difficultly in setting the watch features, but follow the little handbook and you should have no problem. It took me less than ten minutes to get everything the way I wanted it. Some have said that this watch could be worn with a tux. I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s certainly OK for Biz wear. The one big problem, commented on by other reviewers, is that the strap is too short. My wrist is about average size, but I can’t get the strap to not pop out of the retaining slide because it’s not long enough. Also, forget about any luminosity in the dark on the hands or numbers. That’s why three stars.

  38. 95

    S. Mccue

    I actually have three versions of this G100 watch. The reason is I love the simplicity and the design. The size is perfect for a small or large wrist. Like I said it is a simple watch with simple features. Analog and digital display, one alarm, stop watch, dual time, day/date. Would give it 5 stars except for two things. One is setting the time in analog is tedious as you have to hold in the adjust button while the minute hand moves around only clockwise. So if you go past the time you have to circle around twelve hours to try again. Same thing with the digital setting. You can only advance the time, not go backwards. The other thing that bugged me was the stop watch reset. You have to hold down the start/stop button to reset. once you get past those minor issues you will really love this watch. Like I said, I liked it so much I bought all three.

  39. 95


    I have worn this watch for a couple weeks now. Reading some of the reviews I was concerned that it would be somewhat small, but that isn’t the case (6’1′, 180#). If anything it is too bulky, but I guess that is a nod to current styles. The watch performs rather well. I have worn it in the woods for a week long trip where it was subjected to normal activities: chopping, swimming, and paddling. It took some getting used to the 1/2′ bulk on the arm but I’ve adjusted, reducing the number of unintentional contacts. I know that I will eventually damage it, but so far its holding up very well.I have tow issues: 1) the hour hand is colored too dark, it gets lost against the background too easily, 2) The light only illuminates the digital time/date space, not too handy when you want to read the analog time face.If you are looking for a tough watch at a very fair price, this could be the one.

  40. 95

    buviz store Customer

    Looks amazing, bought this as a gift for my younger brother. Hope he likes it.

  41. 95


    Well, I see that I am getting to the end of the warrantied battery life span, so I am going to order another one of these. I have worn this watch nearly every day for 3 1/2 years. It looks pretty bad. I am a building contractor and wear this watch no matter what I am doing. It would be a ling list to describe all the abuse that this watch has seen, but suffice to say that it isn’t your basic yard work kind of stuff! Amazingly the crystal is in great shape and the watch has never lost time. Apparently the watch has taken on some moisture at some point as I will get a central condensation ring on the inside of the crystal on really cold days, but this has not affected the time keeping and has happened with every watch I have ever owned. The original band is still holding up well except for the tail ring which I spun around after it had almost worn through on the corners. All in all a very rugged watch with which I have been very pleased.

  42. 95

    Lost in Jersey

    I love my own G-shock G-Shock watches, so when I was looking for a gift for my nephew’s birthday, I looked at a lot of the different G-Shock watches here on buviz.com for him. My nephew is in the Boy Scouts, and when I found this watch and read in the description that it has a compass, it made me decide to go ahead and order it, because I know he would love that feature, as well as the rugged good looks and durability of the watch.The description is/was as follows: ‘Round-face watch in resin with accurate digital compass around bezel, textured band with gunmetal-tone rivets, and logo emblem at twelve o’clock Mineral crystal dial window Features buckle closure, 100-hour chronograph, and compass with bearings based on 16 cardinal points measured in degrees Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M): suitable for recreational scuba diving’This is clearly a misrepresentation of what people will get when they purchase this watch. I would return this watch to buviz and purchase one elsewhere, but his birthday is going to be celebrated this weekend, and time is running out. This is clearly an issue with buviz’s product description.With that said, the watch itself is representative of the high quality that I have come to expect from the G-shock G-Shock line of timepieces. I am sure that it will make a fine gift for him and prove to be as rugged as my 12 year + Original G-Shock solar atomic watch that I wore at work and beat up pretty good, but it still functions perfectly.I had to rate the watch 5 stars based on the functions and durability it was designed for, and think it would be inappropriate to rate the product itself poorly because of an error in product description by buviz. The watch is not what I was led to believe it was when I ordered it.Come on buviz! Please address this inaccurate description and update it to provide factual details regarding its functionality. It is a fine watch, worth the price, but setting up expectations of certain features and then delivering a product that does not match the description is a disappointment and affects the trust of buviz by its consumers.**Edit**04/29/2015To clarify, this watch DOES NOT have compass functionality, nor is it solar powered. It is a rugged G-Shock with analog and digital display with the usual stopwatch, dual time, alarm, etc., and the LCD display is ‘negative’ – black background with silvery digits, which adds to its appeal in my case. Very nice watch, good price for what you get. The MSRP is $100.00, but I purchased it from buviz for around $58.00.

  43. 95

    Maximum Opinion

    G-shock G-Shock watches tend to last a very long time, and I expect as much from this one. It is well and durably constructed,. My one complaint (and it;s my own fault for not believing the product photo) is that the face, numbers and hands, have little contrast and, thus, require more than a glance to make out. That said, I anticipate a long, otherwise satisfactory, relationship.

  44. 95


    I had recently purchased the G-shock F91W but returned it when I found this watch on buviz. I had never owned a G-Shock watch before, however, I did know that they were good watches with an excellent reputation. I have small wrists – about 6 inches – but still wanted a G-Shock watch, even though most of their case sizes are 50 mm and above. This watch has around a 40 mm case diameter which is perfect for my wrist without being too large and bulky. The watch is quite thick – about 13 mm – however, this isn’t a real problem considering how durable it is and the fact that I sometimes forget it is even on. The band is made of resin which feels a bit like rubber but without the stickiness. The case is also supposed to be made out of resin and it feels very rugged and durable. It is a G-Shock after all. The buttons seem to be made of metal and have just the right amount of give. Some people have complained about setting the analog watch hands. To set the watch hands, I pressed the top left button until the watch hands matched up with the current time. Unlike the other buttons, the top left button barely sticks out and is very hard and uncomfortable to press, however, you won’t be resetting it often, as it is very accurate at timekeeping with a quartz timekeeper. For something that I would only have to do maybe once or twice a year I don’t see it as a problem. In fact, I see it as a good thing since it won’t be accidentally pressed. The watch face protector is hard and appears to be glass. The digital face can be setup to either show the date or the time down to the second with a few button presses. It can also be used as a stopwatch, an alarm, or to show another time from another time zone. The alarm beep is also pretty loud, which is a plus. The one feature that is missing is a timer. On my old Shark Classic watch there was a timer function with a few preset durations. I still think that that is a minor problem, however. As opposed to on my G-shock F91W, the watch can be easily read in the dark. The analog hands and hour tick marks glow green in the dark, and the digital face has a green light which can be activated with the bottom right button for around 2 seconds at a time. The watch also features 200 m water resistance, which is more than enough for 99% of people. The watch also features magnetic resistance, which should protect the timekeeper from being thrown off by magnetic fields produced by electronics. My only real complaint is that when the minute hand is between 20 and 40 minutes it partially blocks the digital watch face, but that isn’t much of a problem in my opinion. For $50, this is a fantastic watch. It looks great, functions well, and has the reputation of G-shock’s G-Shock lineup. All in all, I would definitely recommend this watch.Pros:- Looks great- Durable- Right size for me- Made of quality material- Easy to read at night- G-Shock reputationCons:- No timer- Digital face sometimes gets partially covered.- Analog and digital watch face

  45. 95


    Its a nice G Shock–been collecting G Shocks since the 80’s or so–had all different kinds. I have several different types of G-shock ana-digis–mostly the less expensive ones. I also have many larger G Shocks and a number of Pathfinders. I actually had this watch–in a different color a number of years ago–but wound up selling it. The newer ana-digi Gs are easier to set than this one and have many more functions–however, this is a simple but quite adequate G. Yes, it is smaller than many other Gs but it fits fine on my 8′ wrist w/o a problem. Some guys say it is too small but I am not into the really big ‘Invicta’ type watches. The digital time is easy to set–so is the analogue–it is just not as convenient as the newer models–you have to hold in a button until the hands match the digital time–can be a little tiring and ‘tricky’ to get it just right–but it is not a big problem. The watch hands–when exposed to light–can be read for several hours. The digital time has a separate light that makes it easy to read in darkness–the digital readout usually shows either the time or day/date. It has the usual stopwatch function–one alarm–and a dual time zone feature. All-in-all a nice watch–if you want a smaller G not loaded with too many excess features that you might not need/use.

  46. 95


    I’ve held back one start b/c as a few have voiced the illumination for the entire face should have been added. I like the style and feel. I usually dont like to wear rubber watch bands but this one is very comfortable. I have only had it a few months but seems durable and is accurate. I have not any any problems adjusting it. And it looks pretty sporty!11/20/13 UPDATE: Primary everyday work watch. I’m a GC so basically all my EDC/EDW items get a beating no matter how careful I am. I take it off if I’m mixing thin set or grout, try to take it off if I’m hang/mud drywall as to NOT got out of my way to beat the piss out of it. But at the end of the day it IS a work watch not a $200 Seiko so I will use a toothbrush and hand soap at the end of the day and it still looks great! Thought an update would be good for you inquiring minds, SO if you are a desk-jockey who sits in a cube-farm [no offense – no all of us are lucky enough to get paid to play with tools outside and do man-work :)] It will last you forever. great buy!12/13/15 UPDATE: I wear continue to wear this watch every day, still looks great and still get complements from other guys ocG-shocknally b/c it is rare to find a watch of this nature that had an analog face. Its funny b/c this was my first G-Shock watch I never thought I’d like it so much or it would last so long. When I bought it I figured it would be a throw-away like many every-day watches I’ve had before that last about a year at best.02/19/17 UPDATE: I’ve worn this nearly everyday for four years. Still original battery! It still looks great and works fine. I still get regular complements on the analog face which is the very feature I liked about this particular model. Highly recommended and will at some point buy again once this one wears out.

  47. 95


    I have been searching for a rugged outdoor watch that was not too complicated, but that had some necessary features that made it very practical for everyday use. I actually stumbled on this watch by trying to find out what kind of a watch the military was using, because whatever they use must have withstood their rigorous expectations. By my light research this is what some of the special forces use as well so I had to research it more. This watch truly has all the features you would want, and none that make it feel too cluttered. Analog time, full date w/ weekday display, digital time display, alarm, second timezone, stopwatch to 99.99 minutes, EL light. Something else that seems to be unique to this watch is the analog minute hand moves every twenty seconds so you will see it move three times per minute. The luminous paint G-shock uses for the analog markers isn’t the best, it seems to last only a few hours at best after direct exposure to ambient light. But this has not been an issue for me so far because I have memorized that by a single push of the ‘mode’ button I get to the digital time display, then I press the ‘light’ button and I see the time with no issues. This is a moderately comfortable watch, but as an overall product I am highly inclined to give it five stars.

  48. 95

    Jacksdaddy from N.C

    Bought this shock resistant watch as gift to my husband. The time and date setting buttons are so small it takes you huge effort to keep the buttons pressed for some 10 secs to have the right time set up. How to change the dates if they are ahead of time, I am still trying to figure out. This is a simple gift for a man who would carelessly bump and hit the watch against different surfaces, The time changing/keeping could have been more conveniently set.

  49. 95


    Multi-functional, rugged, accurate and decent looking to boot. I found the strap to be a little on the short side for myself. I use the next to the last hole. While the watch case itself is large the acutal dial face is a tad on the small side. The minute hand is a tad too long and the hour hand is a tad too short. The illumination is only for the digital window which is usually set for month/day mode so telling time at night is difficult. Small little things that are not show stoppers, this watch comes from a proud heritage of G-shock development which places this timepiece in the winners circle. I expect to get many years of rugged service from this watch.

  50. 95


    Perfect size for my wrist. It’s the usual oversized G-shock which suits me just fine. Loving every minute wearing it.

  51. 95


    The quality of the watch is good as usual and what you expect from G-shock watch. Only complaint I have is the digital display is very dim and hard to see. I like the way it looks so I didn’t bother returning it. If I were to get another one, I would get some other G-shock.

  52. 95


    Exactly what I want analog digital easy to adjust and water proof.

  53. 95


    This Analog/Digital Combination Watch is a Great Buy & there’s more Ups than Downs if you ask me. 1st off its your Standard Watch Size & is not as Big as the Pics make it seem to be. The Style is Very Nice & has that Rugged Look & Feel to it. This Watch is made to withstand an Hard Active Lifestyle. Its Clear to see it can take some Abuse without being Harmed Thanks to the Materials.The Analog is Slightly Useless in the Dark seeing that you can only Truly Read the Hour & Minutes Hands. You would think the Numbers or Dotted Arrows for each Hour would Light up as well but they Don’t Provide enough Light to Consider it as Help (In Complete Darkness). You Basically have to know your Timing based off of those 2 Hands only.The Saving Grace to Counteract this is the Digital System in the Watch. The Led provides the Light Source to Cover for its Flaw on the Analog. The Digital System also Comes with your Standard Feature Settings (Calendar, Time, Alarm, StopWatch & Dual Time). So its all sorts of Handy when you look at it. Also because of the Analog, Digital & Dual Time Feature you can now Keep the Time for 3 Different Events/Zones all at once. The only Flaw with the Digital is that from the 20Min Marker up to the 40Min Marker its Blocked when the Analog reaches around those Times (Its Not That Bad But Still).One More thing is the Setting Up of your Watch which can be a Pain the 1st time & if you have to Reset your Watch for what ever reason. The Buttons are a bit Hard to Push (One In Particular) & Holding them during the set up is not Nice lol. The Biggest Pain during set up is the Analog Clock which can Only Advance & can’t Reverse. It Advances by 20sec per push or can be Held for a Auto Advancement but Don’t go pass the time you want or you’ll have to go pass all the Hours again just to reach back to where you belong.The Watch is Crafted to have a Great Appearance/Design but it has Ups & Downs. Yeah there’s a few Problems due to the Design but the Mechanics/Materials of the Watch is Top Notch. Its of the High Quality you would expect from G-shock with its Strong Build.

  54. 95


    This was my first G-Shock watch and it’s now one of my favorite watches to wear. It’s very easy to set the time and adjust the settings. The only negative is you can barely read the digital display in regular light unless you press the back-light button to illuminate it, but that doesn’t bother me too much since the analog display is so easy to read and glows in the dark.

  55. 95

    Ziyi Chen

    Excellent product for the price!! Love that it is both water resistant and has an alarm!! Also like the backlit dial for night time use!!

  56. 95

    Maria Christian

    Perfect and very light. Doesn’t even feel like I have a watch on my wrist. I’m satisfied with this purchase. Will be looking for additional G-Shock in the near future for my collection.

  57. 95

    Mifune Go

    Good watch.Depends on hand size. For some people it may see small watch.I already tested it in Black Sea several times. Stayed in water for at least half an hour per day during one week.Then of course washed in unsalted water.Works perfect before and after!

  58. 95

    J. Sweat

    I love this watch, and I’ll keep this short. Modes includes a stop watch, alarm, military and regular time, as well as the date on the digital display which can be backlit. The minute and hours hands are coated in a glow in the dark material too.I love that there is a raised up rubberized border that protects the watch face. You cant scratch this thing by regular wear as far as I can tell. This means you could even wear the watch upside down if that’s your thing and you would never have to worry about scratching up the face when resting your arm on a table or something.People complain about the placement of the digital display and the minute and hour hands blocking the digital time, but that’s a very stupid complaint if you stop to think about what a clock is: there will always be a window of time when the display is obstructed by one or both hands.I like how how this watch is feature rich, yet looks pretty low-profile too. I was worried about the red text bothering me but I actually like it.The watch is not too big at all, I’d say a medium size, and is very light. As a matter of fact, for the most part I haven’t taken it off since I got it. I can fall asleep with it on my wrist and not notice.There is a graphic-type image that you might not be able to see in the photos that occupies the black space above the digital display. I’m convinced that it has no purpose and I think the watch would look a lot nicer without it but it is certainly not something that will distract you unless you really look for it. It’s not enough of a gripe to consider a different watch IMHO.Design + features = success. This is the G-Shock to get on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

  59. 95

    Nicolas Baker

    The watch came out smaller than we thought but at the end my husband was very happy with it. He says it’s very user friendly and clear instructions.

  60. 95


    I have owned other G-Shocks before and know it will stand up to the beating that I dish out. That being said I have to admit that this watch has some draw backs, first I don’t care for the red hour hand, second I think this watch is a little bit of a tight fit but I’m a big guy 6′ 270 pounds. Third the day and date window is hard to read anytime the watch hands are down around the 5,6 or 7 area at the bottom of the watch. I have only had this watch a couple of weeks but I’m sure it will be a good watch.

  61. 95


    I bought this for my teen aged son who is quite particular about style and functionality. He is rarely pleased with what I choose and buy for him, especially when it comes to clothing items. When I gave this watch to him as a surprise gift, he quickly admired it and wears it wherever he goes. For him, his iPhone and the G-Shock watch are things he has on him no matter what.

  62. 95


    An affordable Gshock .serves the purpose .Perfect size for my wrist Those who have thicker wrist don’t get this one . Smaller dial comparing other models.

  63. 95


    First….this watch looks nice and it seem like it’s very well made and not too large (like some of the other GShocks) and I’m glad I bought it. The only reason why I don’t give it a 5 is the following:1. The digital portion of the watch is very dark and you can’t see the time even during the daylight…you always have to press the light2. The light timer only stays on for less than a second once pressed (not enough time I think)3. The dials cover the digital portion pretty sometimes and it’s hard to see.

  64. 95

    John T. Kramer

    I was lucky enough to purchase this watch for $50.00 bucks and have noticed that this watch has jumped back up to roughly $70.00 bucks. Great G Shock watch! Upon reading other reviews, was surprised to see what others were complaining about and how they’ve had somewhat a bad experience with this particular design? Some were saying they didn’t like it because the watch straps were pulling hairs around their wrist? Hasn’t happened to me? They must be really hairy for them to experience discomfort? If you’re a fan of G Shock watches, then this might be one for you as well. I noticed several other reviews saying they were having problems with the ‘Ani-Digi’ design when changing the time on the first and second hand. Some were frustrated because when you normally change the time on a watch that has a first and second hand, we’re probably used to being able to move the hands forward and backwards. On this particular watch, you can only move it forward to get to the desired time when you are setting it. Since we’re accustomed to a ‘twisting’ motion of a knob to either move the first and second hands forward or backward to set the time, you’ll have to press and hold down one of the buttons to chance the time. Example, if it’s 2:30pm and you went through daylight savings time and need to go back to 1:30pm, set time, and press and hold until both first and second hands cycle and set to 1:30pm. It’s not that hard to sit there and watch the hands move, but will it take more than a few minutes to watch the hands pass every hour, yes. If you’re an impatient person, then this watch isn’t for you. It this hard to do, no. Overall, I think this is a great watch.

  65. 95

    JT- Office Manager T

    Sporty looking and sturdy. My husband likes it a lot

  66. 95

    Heriberto Sanabia

    Sharp looking watch. The watch face is smaller then most g-shock faces which I believe helps it stay of if the way when working. Backlight is plenty bright I wear this watch to work and when I go out on the town and have received a few complements on it. Rugged durable construction used it in swimming pool on several ocG-shockns with no problems.

  67. 95


    After wearing a cheap Timex with a nylon band for a couple years, I was in desperate need for a new workout watch. I was looking for something with a stop watch for timing jogs, but didn’t sacrifice on looks. This G-Shock is perfect.Early on in the search process, I decided to go with a G-Shock over a Nike, Puma, etc workout watch. I don’t need the GPS tracking mode and felt the G-Shock had a better overall reputation for reliability. I’ve not been disappointed. It’s the little things. For instance, the plastic bezel sticks out on the front so if it ends up on its face, it won’t get scratched. You can replace the band if it gets screwed up.Before purchasing this watch, I read a lot of reviews and looked at a lot of G-Shocks in the store. This one received criticism for two primary things. 1. You have to hold a single button to advance the minute hand. That’s the only way to set the time. 2. When the hands are between :20 and :35, it’s hard to read the digital display. On number one, it’s true, you have to hold a button to set the time. It’s annoying …. once a year, when DST is over. On number two, I haven’t noticed this to be irritating at all. Perhaps if you have problems seeing close up. Oh, and yes, the light only lights up the small digital display, but the watch hands glow in the dark. So, no issues telling the time in the dark.The biggest reason I got this watch is it’s an affordable analog/digital watch. I love the look of analog, but enjoy the digital functionality. This one combines both in a very attractive package. I’ve worked out many times with it. It does not collect sweat or smell afterwards. And, it looks good enough for a business casual function.Are there nicer looking G-Shocks out there? Sure. But, for the price, you can’t beat this one.(Also, no issues with the water resistance. I’ve had it in the shower and frequently do dishes with it on. Granted, it’s not diving, but still, no water has infiltrated the face.)Update: I’ve now been wearing this watch daily since I purchased it in 2012. It is functioning 100%. Even more impressive, there are no scratches on the face. I cannot say enough about how nice the plastic bezel is. It does a great job protecting the face — as is evidenced by several scratches on the plastic. The plastic band is still perfect also. Lastly, no battery replacements in that time. This thing is freaking awesome! And, it’s under $60!

  68. 95



  69. 95

    Matthew Weaver

    if you have small wrist, get this

  70. 95

    Steve T.

    A very nice watch. Setting the watch is different–you have to hold down a pusher and wait for the hour hand to spin around (slowly) until you reach the proper time. The watch is very comfortable, light and you don’t even know you are wearing it. I take it in the shower and in the mud–nothing can destroy these watches. Great value for the money!

  71. 95

    Ricky G Peterson

    I got this for my husband as a gift. He loves sport and outdoor style watches. This one is easy to read and I think the analog face looks classier. He hasn’t managed to break it in about a year, which is a great track record for him. It looks like it cost more than it did. Does it look super expensive? No. But it doesn’t look tacky and it seems appropriate for your average sized man (my husband is very tall but has slender wrists and hands).

  72. 95

    Mairposa Center for Dance & Fitness

    My favorite watch ever, except that you can’t see the bottom screen sometimes, usually you can read around it. The illumination when it is dark is amazing and really useful, most people complain about the fact that you can’t see it at night is false, even if you can’t see the illumination you can just press the light button and switch to the light. The band is either too big or too small for me sometimes.

  73. 95

    Matthew T. Falconer

    received this item today and didn’t want to wait to write my review. This is a great looking and high quality watch with basic features, which is just what I wanted and expected being this my first G-shock… and will be the first of many, I hope. Setting the time can be a little tricky since it’s an analog watch with no crown, but you’ll figure out. The size is perfect for a thin wrist, it’s light but sturdy. I’d definitely recommend this watch to anyone looking for an sturdy an inexpensive G-Shock!

  74. 95

    Josh B

    I buy one every five years or so. I never take it off, I hunt, fish, work on equipment, swim, shower and I never take it off. The watch has never failed to perform.

  75. 95

    Gadget Lover

    My son likes the look of the watch. Its a bulky watch though, if that’s what you’re looking for. One thing I don’t like about it is setting the analog hands on the watch (all the G-Shocks) is a hassle. It’s not like a regular analog watch, you have to set it by pushing a button and the hands move electrically, you don’t just turn the crown of the watch like an analog watch.

  76. 95

    buviz store Customer

    I am a firm believer in KISS functionality and this pretty much epitomizes that. Solid features for the price (Alarm, dual time zone/UTC, STW, date). The illumination feature for the digital display is excellent and is bright enough without turning you into a walking flashlight. The hand and numeral day-glow is really good as well, and a little bit of light will keep them glowing for hours. Again, bright, but not too bright. From my personal experience and perspective, this a better watch than many of the $500-600+ watches being worn by some of the guys I know. Love the strap design on this watch, almost impossible to break it or have it torn off. Overall, the toughest and most rugged watch Ive ever owned and for a lot less than Ive paid for others! 🙂

  77. 95


    I needed a watch for the gym/ general use. I recently purchased this watch a couple days ago. The delivery was timely. This watch has rugged, yet clean aesthetics. With respect to the looks, I hate the dumb second circle which is on virtually every other g shock watch. It really detracts from the G shock series in my opinion.This model looks good. I would never say it looks cheap.Complaints:1. Yes, the digital part could have a slightly better contrast. It can be hard to read the digital readout during the evenings or under low light. This is solved by the EL backlight, which in my opinion is very clear.2. Adjusting the analogue time has been a complain, but it’s not a big deal. I did a timed test with the stopwatch feature to see how long it would take me to do a complete rotation. I fumbled around pressing the very recessed button and it took me 4min. This is not a big deal considering the number of times one actually adjusts the time on a watch (which would be a real problem). The recessed button makes it difficult to accidentally change the time. A good feature according to me.On yes, let’s not forget the hands blocking the digital portion. It depends when one is using the stopwatch and how important it really is at that particular moment to be running the stopwatch. This is where the ugly g shock watches (most) score.Size: I have smaller wrists and this fits me very well. A friend of mine who has a thicker wrist also owned the same model (before it was stolen, not destroyed, if that’s what you’re thinking) and he had no problems wearing it.This watch realistically has two time zones (2 digital 1analogue). The analogue cannot be considered a 3rd because the date will change according to the digital readout. There is no date on the other ‘dual time’I really wish this watch had a timer (3 stars sorry) . Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if this watch used a 10 yr. battery 😉 (4stars).Instructions are easy to follow and the manual is well laid out.G-shock really does a good job trying to incorporate some slick technology into their watches. There is a reason this watch rated as #4 on buviz’s top seller. The mineral glass is great because I can throw it in my bookbag without worrying about scratching the face. I wouldn’t have taken the time to write if I thought it was junk.

  78. 95

    Luke H

    I wanted a differet watch but the price kept going up everytime I looked at it. Out of fustration, I ordered this watch. Nothing special. looks all right, liked my Wave Receptor better. Band is too small and face is just small enough to go who cares. The only thing I can really say, is its ok. That is all.

  79. 95

    yaghdan jrew

    I personally like this watch. I saw where someone complained that it was too small. I disagree. I bought my first G Shock in 1987. That watch was ridiculous big. I have not one complaint. It is genuine and does come with instructions. I like the fact that you can see the LED time @ night if you move it from the date and menu setting. (Very Easy) You can not see the hands at night, but that’s OK with me.UPDATE: I was wrong about seeing it @ night. You can totally see the hands, and 3-6-9. I guess they needed to absorb light. Way better than I expected!One little thing to make it easy to set the date and year…..Hold the button in @ the upper left. This will advance the hour hand, so that it will be out of the way when you set the date, year and so on. Enjoy!

  80. 95


    This is my son’s 1st watch. It is to teach him how to read a watch and the digital to make sure he understands the correct time. I think for the money you can’t beat these g-shocks. I’ve used them for years and have only broken the bands a couple times. Great watch

  81. 95

    Mauricio Cuervo

    Man this is a sick watch! I wear it for everyday casual going to school and everything. My favorite part about it is that it looks tanky. When I tell my sister that, I don’t think she understands what I mean. Basically, it looks hella manly. As if like the watch is made of armor and some rough stuff. Looks like a cool tank on my wrist. Yeah I’m not sure if you’ll know what I mean, but I just think it looks like a manly watch. Not like one of those sissy old-school analog watches. This is better

  82. 95

    Michael H.

    Totally a simple design but rugged. Like the band, the face crystal, and the overall design. Is not too big or too small either! Looks good and works. Would have preferred the whole screen lights up but oh well. This watch is indeed water resistant and shock resistant as I have forgotten I was wearing it a few times.

  83. 95

    Michael Quintana

    Bought as a gift for my husband…it’s the best watch he’s ever had. He wears it everyday, and it’s durable enough for him to wear to work. Looks great on too.

  84. 95


    Small for G Shock, yellow accents nice, good simple G shock.

  85. 95


    I cant complain about the watch, great for the price

  86. 95

    Sirshak Das

    Product delivery by buviz arrived on time and as expected. It really worth the price of the product.

  87. 95


    Pros:Good value for money Ana-Digi watch.GShock tough, antimagnetic and AnalogNot as ostentatious as some of the other GShock Analogue watchesCons:No seconds hand (my biggest gripe)Digital section can be obstructed to varying degrees by the minutes/hours hands when they are between the 4 & 8Only the digital section gets lit up by the lightThe band may be a touch small for some – it’s ok for my wrist, but not as big as the one on my GShock Mudman (G9000 series)Despite the physical size of the watch, the face is a little small

  88. 95

    jorge Trujillo

    I have no one to blame but myself I have huge wrist but for some strange reason I thought this watch would look good on it. Although it clearly stated the size ect. it looks really small on my person. But the price was right and it is tough easy to read and will work well around the house as I do projects.

  89. 95


    I guess I was hoping the watch would be a little more heavy duty. My first G shock, I guess I should have spent a little more but this was to be just an everyday watch to get banged around. Next time I guess I’ll pay more for a better quality

  90. 95

    Rodrigo Calvete

    Love the watch. It looks and runs great. The only drawback is the date isn’t coordinated to the time. Therefore the date doesn’t change at midnight. It changes at the time of day it was when you set it.

  91. 95

    melissa smith

    Just received the G-shock G 100-BV today and found at first glance that the digital readout would not work for me. As a senior I still have good vision and use the chrono a lot but found this didn’t show up at all like the online display of the watch. Too bad as the watch looked very attractive. buviz was very understanding. I’m still looking for an analog with a clear if not big digital display.

  92. 95

    jorge from the caribbean tropics

    I bought this watch because I wanted a G-shock to wear while in the water. I have used it for so many activities (snowboarding, mountain biking, fishing, whitewater rafting) and this thing is still in great shape. Stands up to some frigid and wet conditions and has a light for the digital screen which I really found helpful. It also has a really nice look to it and I will wear it as a daily watch ocG-shocknally as well. Nicely sized (not too big or too small). Overall love the watch, would highly recommend.

  93. 95

    Ryan Thomson

    Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it.

  94. 95


    First of all, let me start off by saying that this watch has the following basic features:-Alarm-Stopwatch-Analog/digital time display (1 analog, 2 digital, a total of 3 time zones)-day/date display.-Water resistant 20BAR (it is somewhat around 200 meters)-Band is quite stiff and a little curved inward which makes it look outstanding.-Antimagnetic which means it won’t be affected by magnetic fields around your watch.-Excellent shock absorbing structure.-EL (blue on a reverse display)Now, what do I think about this watch?Well, it’s excellent, would buy again. It keeps excellent time, people notice a lot, it get a lot of wrist time. you WILL have problems reading the display from 4:00 to 7:00 since hands block the view but it’s still worth it. I’ve had it for about 2 years and haven’t had to change battery or anything.It works as intended and you won’t have to worry about damaging or losing your watch since it’s both inexpensive and tough as metal. I’ve worn it on the pool, beach, mountain, job (I’m a professor) and it has yet to be fogged, scratched or damaged. you won’t regret it and won’t need another watch for at least 20 years.Leave your comments, I hope this helps on your purchase. Have a nice day.

  95. 95


    Great watch! I am replacing the exact model that lasted me 20 years. Had been to 60+ feet diving and accurate enough to use for nautical positioning with a sextant.

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