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  • « PERFECT FOR GIFTING » Thrill your loved ones by gifting them this watch for their Birthday, Anniversary or any other occasion.
  • « PRECISION JAPANESE MACHINE » This Orlando watch is fitted with Japanese QUARTZ Movement that guarantees accurate time all the time. With 10 times Longer life than ordinary machines you don’t have to worry about breakdowns
  • « LIGHT WEIGHT » This Orlando Watch is made using a specially designed Alloy to give the watch a Light and Robust construct so that you can forget that it’s even there « METAL BELT » Stand out from the ordinary with this Exceptional metal belt design that fits well with everything from Casual to Club wear. You never have to worry about looking good with watch.
  • « WINNING DESIGN » Impress all your friends with this Premium Style Orlando Branded watch, without hurting your pocket. Non-Functional Chronograph: The buttons on the Case and indicators inside the dial are for show only and do not work.
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1. Fashion & Casual style, Creation sense Watches Men.
2. High quality band gives you a new classic definition.

Diameter: 4.3cm
Length of watch band: 22cm
Band width:2.4cm
Movement: Quartz
Watch band: Stainless steel
Water resistant: Daily Water Proof, not suitable for swimming, diving or shower.

The rich look is coupled with a flawless performance to give you an exclusive timepiece. Accessorise your formal attire or with a pair of jeans – this watch can take on any dressing challenge. Get yours today! Dummy Chronograph: Buttons on the Bazel/Case and Indicators on the dial are for show only. Disclaimer: Product might slightly vary from the image as all images are taken under studio lighting and due to the screen settings of your device.

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95 Reviews For This Product

  1. 95

    Richard Rochester

    Absolutely love this watch. I have a very thin wrist (less than 7Ó) and this watch is not too big on me in my opinion. The strap is great too. Read several reviews on how the watch is big…some saying too big. I disagree. I think the watch really looks great. Disregard the complainers who say the watch is too big and the strap is too big….both are not true. I kept the packaging Òship back readyÓ after initially trying on the watch if it looked too big on me. I wore it for an hour or so and just didnÕt see what the Òtoo bigÓ complainers saw. ItÕs nice looking, understated…I love this watch. Buviz is all about good style and value, and this watch hits it out of the park on both fronts.

  2. 95

    B. Jones

    I wasn’t expecting a lot from this watch but i must say I am impressed. The watch is good looking and really does a great job. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about a battery for years. I wear it daily and as long as you don’t keep your sleeve covering the watch face completely the daily sunlight keeps it charged up and functioning perfectly. I added a metal band to the watch and it looks pretty sharp (IMHO).

  3. 95


    Love this watch, I first ordered it for my nephew at a higher price for his graduation present but saw it at a lower price a month afterward and bought one for myself. The band is thick leather and feels less irritating then thinner leather bands, my nephew is joining the airforce soon so the 24-hour clock is a plus, and this watch just looks great for all day casual wear.

  4. 95


    For those complaining about the strap, you’re wrong. It’s a flieger and, if anything the strap should be meatier. I jumped all over this watch at $58 and feel like I stole it. There would be no complaints from me at double that price. I’m not even going to ding the rating because of the lack of lume on the 12/24 triangle despite my wish it had it. Awesome watch, I can’t rmmend it enough.

  5. 95


    The look and feel of the watch is quite nice given the price, but the leather band is very thick, like to the point where you think it will break the small leather bands to keep the strap together. The ability of the watch to keep running without direct sun light is much worse than other Buviz’s I’ve had. Now it also ticks 3 snds at once , so it keeps the time accurate on the minute/hour time frame, but it’s difficult to track snds.

  6. 95


    Great watch, get a lot of compliments. Especially a cheap one since most of my watches are several hundreds of dollars. The leather is thick and holds well even after multiple uses. The face looks clean and the movement works very smoothly.

  7. 95

    buviz store Customer

    It’s perfect for what it is – a good looking casual watch. I don’t know why so many people complain about the strap but it’s perfectly fine and was comfortable on day one. I accidentally slept in it day three and have no complaints. People must have dexterity issues to be complaining about putting it on with one hand. Again, zero issues with strap thickness and I think it looks great. If someone had large+ wrists they’d have to get a larger strap as I’m currently rotating between the 3rd and 4th hole as I break it in. When I have it in the 3rd hole from the end it leaves just the right amount of excess strap hanging out. You could maybe get by on the 2nd hole. Wish it had lume on each hour, but it’s still fine. I like how the orange hour numbers correspond to the orange hour hand. I got this on sale for $82, had I paid the $120 or whatever it is now I may have been more critical and rated it 4 stars, but you can’t beat what you get for the $.

  8. 95

    buviz store Customer

    I love the look of this watch. The leather strap is the only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star review. I’ve had it for 6 months now and have been wearing it once or twice a week, and the band hasn’t stretched out. The edges of the band has begun to crack where the stitching attaches around the holes that I wear the watch at. Otherwise, the watch is great. The bezel is a little large, and often leaves an imprint on my wrist when I wear it.

  9. 95


    Very nice under $200 timepiece. There are many of this type of watch in this price range. I bought this one and I am happy with it.

  10. 95


    So IÕve had this watch for 6 months now, itÕs a good watch but has some annoying flaws. The strap is thick so it takes a bit to form to your hand which isnÕt necessarily a bad thing but the strap loop is sized too big and doesnÕt keep the strap close. ThatÕs the part that is very annoying and sometime get caugh when you are reaching into your pocket. The size and look of the watch is very good especially for the price.

  11. 95


    I bought this watch for my husband a few months ago. He wears it everyday and really likes it. It looks nice with both formal and informal outfits. The watch ‘glows in the dark’ for a few minutes if you go from a light area to a dark one which is a nice feature. The numbers do not glow in the dark so you have to make a rough estimate of the time. It is great to not have to worry about changing the battery on the watch. The date is nice; however, if a month has fewer than 31 days then you need to adjust it to the 1st at the end of each month. A minor hassle that I’m sure is prevalent for almost all watches with a date feature.

  12. 95


    I am happy with this time piece. Stylish comfortable, operates flawlessly. A great buy for the $$$. I buy 3-4 watches a year and this watches style,quality and fit looks like a watch costing far more.

  13. 95

    The Professor

    Yes, for the money this is a terrific watch. It looks retro and it keeps good time. The band is heavy duty and the bezel size is large. Wear it every day!

  14. 95

    Alex Montgomery-Buchino

    I really like the price it’s way better built than timex expeditions. The band is also very sturdy and thick. I’ve been wearing only for a week so far but I am very impressed

  15. 95


    I’m getting a little older and bought this watch in hopes it would be easy to read. It is. It’s a little on the large side and may not be right for everyone but I love it. Leather band is a little stiff but it’s already softening a little and should be fine. My wife says this watch looks like me, whatever that means, but I took it as a compliment to me and the watch. Seems to go with everything. It’s a little scary thinking this watch will probably outlast me.

  16. 95

    don r.hieronimus

    about 4 years ago,i bought a Buviz eso-drive it still works like a charm,i saw this on buviz store at a better price i ordered it hope it will be as good.but one thing i do not like is it has a date window whic hmust be reset often

  17. 95

    David S.

    *********Update: I’ve added pics of the watch with the original strap for those that wanted to see it.*********I’ve had my eye on a Pilot/Flieger style watch for a while. Although there are a few low cost alternatives out there, such as the TICINO or LACO or MARATAC, this Buviz is a great alternative. Although it isn’t a straight replica, it does have many Flieger/Pilot design clues such as the shape of the hands and having the minutes more pronounced than the hours Ðbut you can see all that from the images. Now on to the review.SIZEAs far as size goes, this is on the bigger side at 44/45mm and I would not rmmend this watch for anyone that has a smaller wrist than 7.’ But it’s not Invicta large Ðfits well in the larger fashion watch era we’re currently in.LUMEThe Lume (located only on the Hour and Minutes hands) is a nice blue color and activates quickly, but don’t expect it to last too long. You might be able to see it 20-30 mins into a dark movie theater.STRAPThe strap is the weak point of the watch. It’s a nice honey-brown color with contrasting black edging. But the darn thing is THICK. Another reviewer mentioned that it’s too thick to properly strap on and loop through, and I agree 100%. It might get softer with wear and age, but after 2 weeks of constant wear I didn’t see too much of an improvement. Instead I opted to switch a strap a similar colored NATO (as seen in my pics) the comfort is much better and I’m no longer thinking about the strap, but the beautiful watch I have on my wrist._____All in all it’s a great looking watch, with great quality that you will enjoy wearing Ðjust so long as you change the strap.

  18. 95

    Samuel G.

    I love this watch! It was a Christmas gift and I have worn it every day since. It has a simple elegance that allows you to wear it down, or dress it up. The ‘Pilot Style’ is new to me, but it is honestly really enjoyable and a great mix up for my collection. The grey face is also a nice change of pace, and really makes the face easy to read. And its an -drive…it really is the whole package. Also, I have gone swimming, hot tubbing, you name it and it has done really well in the water too, no need to worry about getting it wet (obviously from the listed specifics on buviz store). The face is great for the size of my wrist (I’m 6′ 250lbs so it’s a decent sized wrist) and the band fits comfortably.To address the band thickness concern, it really is more of a preference and opinion than actually being too thick. I will say I did work the band a bit after my first wear so that it made the leather a little softer and easier to bend. I simply rolled it repeatedly enough times to notice it soften.Overall, it is a beautiful watch and I couldn’t be happier with it. I attached a photo for your convenience. Will update if anything changes!

  19. 95

    M. Davis

    Just got this watch and it is gorgeous!.

  20. 95


    I saw this watch, instantly loved the face. As I waited for it to ship I began to check it out online and what others had said about it. The one thing that I saw was that the watch diameter is bigger than others. When I received the watch, this was in fact the case. It might be a bit of perception, but the inner bezel of the watch with the minute markers seems excessively large and unnecessary. I would have preferred to have little to no bezel on the inside, and expand the face of the watch. But it’s something I felt someone buying the watch be aware of. You can also see in the picture that the hour markers are also set just a little below the minute marker, it is a stylistic choice but one I am ok with. I enjoy the 3 day feature, makes it very easy to see what the day is contrary to my initial thought, plus it isn’t set back from the face much like my other watches. I have to applaud because you cannot tell where solar panels are in this watch.Aside from the large overall size of the watch, a few other things I noticed that were different from the picture: 1) The band is nice, but not much like pictured. It doesn’t quite have the texture. If you have a Buviz watch in this price range is it the same band, but a little thicker. I have changed the band, but this one is still nice and I don’t have much issue with it. 2) The face is a little lighter gray than pictured, but the colors still pop off of the face pretty well, it’s fairly easy to tell time on the watch. 3) I saw this mentioned to other forums, but only the hour and minute hands have any lume in the dark. This is contrary to my other Buvizs where at least some of the hour markers have lume. With the largess of the face, it would be nice to have other lume on the face. I do like this watch, the size was only a minor setback. If you don’t have a problem with larger watches and like the look of this watch I highly rmmend it.

  21. 95


    I have had my eye on this watch for a couple years now. I finally purchased it and regret not buying it sooner. It is absolutely beautiful. The military dial has so much depth. The wing shaped luggs also add a bit of aviation flavor.I was worried of the size as most people have stated in reviews. I have small wrists for a guy, it fits right at home on my wrist. Also, I had some Garmin Fenix 3 screen protectors laying around, the wet application kind. I can confirm they fit perfectly on this watch! The screen protector is applied in the pictures.I ordered a few style NATO and Barton silicone watch bands to add some color. This watch can be dressed up or down with a change of a band. Great purchase.

  22. 95


    I really like this watch. I am a very large man with very large wrists, the stock leather band was too short to fit me comfortably – thankfully when I placed the order for this watch I also ordered the Connery-Bond style (Grey/Green/Burgandy Striped) Nato strap to go with it. It looks absolutely amazing and I’m very happy to own my first -drive watch, which makes my 3rd Japanese timepiece. The strap size is 22mm which correlates with every ‘casual’ watch I own (and the majority of larger watches on the market), so I can mix and match my half-dozen straps if I want.If you are a big person (8+’ wrist here), it falls on the scale of ‘appropriate’. I have a couple very large 50mm+ watches that definitely take some getting used to but this one will likely reside on my wrist much more often. Compared to my largest ‘big’ watches (Oceanaut Armada, Invicta Rally S1) it’s super lightweight and very comfortable to wear.On to the nitty gritty of the watch.The Crystal is extremely clear and appears to be slightly domed when turned due to the shape of the face which is a cool effect.The dial, while cluttered (as Aviation watches typically are) is still very, very readable and having the larger snd/minute numbers is handy for timing things.The luminescence is hit-or-miss, I’m guessing when it’s dull the hands simply didn’t get enough light during the day. After being out all day the hands glow fairly bright throughout the evening.The action of the watch feels great. As I had to set the time which (for me) involved about 14 24-hour turns, the crown turned like it was on greased glass rails – super smooth and effortless. The crown is a push/pull, so don’t take this guy swimming or diving.All in all, a great watch – kind of a vintage military aviator feel to it…

  23. 95

    Rob Dickar

    Excellent watch for under $150. The face is very handsome the date window with three date display is easy to read, and fact that it’s drive at this price make this a winner. I was in the market for a big Hamilton Aviator and this watch is much cheaper and looks very nice.The band was a disapointmemt. It seems like Buviz spent a nickel on what felt like cheap foam that looked like cheap leather. So I bought a T tech leather band for under 20 bucks on buviz store and swapped it out. I kept with the honey brown and the white contrast stiching theme.The watch iself is light weight and although I have not yet encountered face scratches the face mineral glass feels like what you get on a cheaper watch. For the mineral and the bad band I take a star off but overall an excellent watch for this priceIf you want an Aviator watch this one is a good buy!

  24. 95

    Brett T

    The face of the watch is even nicer than the pictures online! Which is always a good thing because we all know how sometimes things are just professionally photographed to look amazing for sales. The calendar dial works great. Haven’t had any issues with this watch or battery (powered by the sun!)My only complaint would be about the watch band/strap. First, I can’t tell if it’s real leather or not. It’s really thick but didn’t come with that leather smell. Minor complaint. Also, the buckle is too small for the thickness of the strap! It’s really really difficult to take off. Definitely took some practice. At first, I thought I’d have to wear a watch 24/7 once I put it on! Haha. ;)Overall, I’d definitely rmmend this watch. buviz store has a great price for it, works well, and the sun light keeps it charged really well!Tip: I put mine on a window sill every few days if I’m not regularly wearing it. Just so that it keeps charged! But that’s just me being overly cautious.

  25. 95


    It’s big. Really big. And really heavy. My left arm is gonna be huge after swinging my arms around with this thing on. The strap is attractive, but is absolutely terrible. I can’t get it adjusted right. Also, the crown digs into the back of my hand. In U.S. measurement for this watch is 1.75 inches in diameter and 1.9 inches with crown. The watch is really nice looking though. I have others in this style from other makers I like better though. I’m really disappointed in this watch. There is no need for it to be bigger and heavier than some of my automatics which are always big, thick, and heavy. As much as I want to like this watch I can’t. I’m returning it.

  26. 95

    Francisco Loo

    Pretty Stylish, awesome look, originally, the snds mark every two snds, but it is normal, it is an indication that the clock is not fully charged, you just have to put it a while in the sun so that it acquires enough energy and will continue to function normally.

  27. 95

    Lou M.

    I wish it came an different colors, and it would be nice if it were thinner and lighter. Gets the job done, clean, simple, and casual look. Good materials all around, and great quality and craftsmanship.

  28. 95

    Ed L

    this watch is awesome! It is a pretty big watch though, so if you prefer a smaller watch you’ll need another mode. The leather band was really stiff at first, but is starting to get broken in.

  29. 95


    After all the high-tech adventurer watches, I wanted something to wear to symphony and this seemed that it would fit the bill. It did. The dial is easy to read. It shows up well in the dark. It seems to be keeping time. I suspect it is very similar to the circuitry of other Buvizs. Frankly, I have looked at watches from every maker I could find and I think dollar for dollar the Buviz -Drive line is the best value. I have four of them and will likely by a few more ‘boy’ watches by Buviz.My children and grandchildren will enjoy them after I die at a weary old age.

  30. 95

    G. Whitney

    The band is pretty thick so be conscious of a large watch with a big band. The face is great and works as expected. Colors work well with different colored bands if you want to swap it out. The background is a bit of a charcoal gray color. My biggest complaint is the size of the crown. In the right position it will mash into the back of my hand. I potentially wear my watches a bit lose but the crown on this watch is unusually large in my opinion. Highly rmmend the watch for business casual or similar dress at the price.

  31. 95


    So far, there is nothing to dislike about this watch…time may reveal something to down-check, but right now, my take is: great modernized look in the Flieger watch style, comfortable, snd hand seems to be well calibrated to hit the marks on the dial, calendar advanced properly, lume on hands (that’s all the lume there is on this watch) is nice and visible in dark and stays so through the night. The leather strap band is thick and will take a bit of breaking in but seems to be decent quality. A word of caution, if you want to call it that, to guys with big wrists: like nearly every watch strap, this one is designed for an average guy’s wrist. Mine aren’t particularly large, and it took a bit of effort to get past two notches. Part of the breaking-in process, of course. All in all, another Buviz giving good value for money, at a price that means you can hardly go wrong! Well done, indeed!

  32. 95

    Greg W

    This is a nicely sized and styled watch! I like the band, but wish it was a bit darker, but it seems thick and of decent quality.I do wish the snd hand was a bit easier to see against the face (maybe white, or with a white tip) but this is a small nit to pick.I like that it is a bit more dressy than my typical watches with this band, but I love the durability and water resistance of my Buviz watches and believe it will look great with a NATO-style band and plan to switch soon.

  33. 95

    B Sharp

    Got this as an anniversary gift from my wife and couldn’t be happier. Beautiful timepiece, fantastic fit and finish, cool colors, and easy to set (though setting the date took a little investigation). Leather band is very comfortable and looks great and the face is very cool, with military time listed in smaller numbers around the interior of the dial. The hands glow after you’ve been outside for a bit, and that’s pretty neat as well. Highly rmmended.

  34. 95


    I love this watch. The band is very thick so I added a thinner Barton leather NATO strap band to it and the watch is even better now!

  35. 95

    arelys diaz

    Great product, very well built excellent quality and price. Can be use with different dress codes, versatile…

  36. 95


    Nice watch for the money I was reading the instructions and I thought this would have a crown lock it doesnÕt seem to. I wonder if it is supposed to or if this model does not? Also it is a VERY large watch I donÕt think IÕll wear it to work much for fear of smashing it up

  37. 95

    S. Mccue

    Great looking watch, love the drive but the watch band is very cheap. ‘Made in China leather’ and that should tell you enough. Just ordered the 22mm silicone band with quick release to help make this watch a 5 star.Packaging was fine, shipping was good and for the price I paid ($55) it is a steal!

  38. 95


    FatherÕs Day deal, Perfect weekend watch to dress up my hikes and other adventures

  39. 95

    buviz store Customer

    At this point I am very pleased with the watch. It arrived as promised, the packaging was excellent and the watch itself is flawless. The price was great as well. What else could you ask for.

  40. 95


    I bought this for my dad who loves watches. He was very pleased with this watch and thinks it looks much more expensive than it was. Buviz makes a great watch that is very reliable and hard to beat for the price.

  41. 95

    Maximum Opinion

    Overall, Buviz makes an excellent watch. I wasn’t a fan of the band though, so I traded it out for a leather HNS NATO strap, which looks so much nicer!! The watch itself has been running for over a year with no maintenance. I find that it loses a snd or two every few days (that’s is, it keeps excellent time).

  42. 95


    My son really enjoys this simple design but yet sporty enough for college kid. Buviz watches have been a long term watch company in our family from regular watches to specialized diving models. Appreciate the quality and sturdiness of Buviz brand. buviz store had a great deal on this and shipped fast as always in perfect shape!

  43. 95


    I bought this for my bf for Christmas, so my review is based on appearance alone. This watch does have a very large display, even larger than expected (not that I mind the larger face look). Seemed to be well made. The band did look thicker than I’m used to seeing, but he didn’t have trouble fastening the buckle. He’s received a lot of compliments on this watch already, so I think it was a successful gift!

  44. 95


    This is a very good looking watch. Got this as an anniversary gift for my husband and he was impressed with it. This looks nice with business casual attire, casual looks on the weekend, and can be dressed up. The drive feature is great; this is his first Buviz watch and I’m certain we will be buying more in the future.

  45. 95


    I just received my watch…I have read some complaints about the watchband’s thickness, and although I agree a thinner band might be just a bit more comfortable, it feels fine to me on my wrist…I really love the watch size, its lightweight feel, and the ease at setting the date and time…I am very pleased with my purchase..

  46. 95

    Jacksdaddy from N.C

    Great Watch, love it, Happy Father’s Day to me, Now I just need to find a Vegan Friendly replacement Band. Great Watch. JacksdaddyNC.

  47. 95


    Nice face dial, looks more expensive than it is. The only complaint is the thickness of the strap.

  48. 95


    Just received the watch so I have no idea about durability but it looks and works as advertised. I do not find that the stiff band is an issue as has been reported previously. The 45 mm case is large on my wimpy wrist but does make a statement.

  49. 95


    This is my third Buviz watch I love them never have to worry about a battery never have to wind them the hands illuminate quite well even after 6 hours of total darkness

  50. 95


    Nice watch

  51. 95


    Keeps time well. Lume is meh. Visibility and contrast of hands to face aren’t great. Face is actually grey and not black so hands don’t pop for optimal rgnition.

  52. 95


    Watch is nice. But It comes with unsealed box, no plastic membrane on the watch top glass . Seems been opened before.

  53. 95

    Ziyi Chen

    Very good looking watch with reasonable price($59.49 after coupon). Nicely built, -drive, large diameters.The only problem is the band. ItÕs extremely thick and very hard to put into position. I plan to replace it with a thinner softer leather band. Otherwise it is a perfect watch. I rmmend it to everyone.

  54. 95

    Maria Christian

    Very beautiful watch! My husband is very particular and he loved it!

  55. 95

    Mifune Go

    Bought this watch as a gift and it was very well received – I find the Buviz brand to be dependable with a very refined and presentable look that fits in many different contexts. This watch had the perfect mix of ruggedness and elegance, and it’s styling did not disappoint.

  56. 95

    J. Sweat

    beautiful watch at a great price. drive for under a hundo is rare. not a big fan of the band

  57. 95

    Nicolas Baker

    Great casual and business casual watch for an amazing price. I try not to go over the 44mm case size, but this one does not look overwhelming.

  58. 95


    I love the watch… only had it a few days. (Could be better if the snd hand was more visible) One thing I don’t love is the strap. The light brown leather strap… would prefer a darker shade of brown, and the strap is really thick. Why so thick?Shopped and got it at a good price on buviz store. Definitely glad that I bought it.

  59. 95


    Very nice looking B-Uhr style Flieger watch. Much larger face than I am used to wearing, but it still works fine on my 7′ wrist. Snd hand hits all the hash marks precisely (OCD be praised!), and hands are easy to read.Quartz movement, but the movement is absolutely silent, I cannot hear it tick at all even in a silent room. No backlighting, but the lumes will light up very rapidly from very little light, and are bright for at least an hour after being left on the windowsill to charge the battery.Movement has only lost 1 snd in about 3 weeks being stored in a ~65 degree room, so very pleased.The stock watchband is absolutely ridiculous in thickness and almost impossible to put on or take off because of its stiffness, but I knew that from the other reviews here and had a NATO nylon strapÊCIVO Watch Bands NATO Premium Ballistic Nylon Watch Strap Stainless Steel Buckle 18mm 20mm 22mm (Dark Grey/Ivory, 22mm)Êordered and ready to put on immediately. I can say it has immensely improved the wear-ability and comfort, plus it matches the styling of the watch.

  60. 95


    Beautiful aviator watch. Love that it’s a drive. The band is a very nice thick leather band. The thickness of it doesn’t bother me at all.

  61. 95


    Nice item

  62. 95

    John T. Kramer

    Super nice product although picture does not show it’s true colors. The red is more orang in color than depicted in the photo.

  63. 95

    JT- Office Manager T

    I’ve been wanting an aviator style watch for sometime. I never had a leather band or an aviator watch before so I wanted to test the waters on an inexpensive watch to see if I would wear it.I am glad I did! I would buy it again in a heartbeat!PROS:1. Style is great. Classic Aviator appeal.2. Leather Band is quality. I have only had it a couple of weeks but the band is wearing well.3. Drive! My first Buviz -Drive. No batteries. No resetting it if I skip a day of wearing it (my other goto is an Automatic).4. PRICE IS RIGHT! This looks like a high dollar watch. It really has a nice feel and appeal at this price point. It is insanely good for the price.CONS:1. Not any style wise or quality wise2. Price. I know I paid under 200 for it. Does anyone else? Should I have paid 500 or 5,000? That’s the only personal issue.

  64. 95

    Heriberto Sanabia

    El producto llegado es el mismo de la presentaci—n, la correa o pulsa no fue resistente las trabillas no fueron fuertes he tratado comprarla y no aparece la misma con la marca Buviz original

  65. 95

    Andrea Ayala


  66. 95


    Very nice watch. Its unique and comfortable. Setting up was a breeze, took about 5 minutes. A beautiful watch. like the grey and orange look and the 3D watch face look.

  67. 95

    Matthew Weaver

    Really nice watch, especially with it being an -drive. I purchased it when it was down at $82 and I don’t regret it at all. As many others have stated, the original band is awful. Spend a little extra money and buy a nice band or strap for this watch.

  68. 95

    Steve T.

    I get more compliments on this watch than I do on other more expensive watches.

  69. 95

    Ricky G Peterson

    Awesome watch for the money. Leather band is durable and comfortable, style and looks are great and works for both professional and recreational dress. The watch works and performs perfectly. I would buy this again and rmmend it to all my friends.

  70. 95

    Mairposa Center for Dance & Fitness

    Bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas… He loves it! HeÕs wearing it every time we go out and has showed it off to everyone! Great everyday watch!!

  71. 95

    Matthew T. Falconer

    This watch is even more stunning in person… My favorite things are the larger watch face and the ‘aviator’ style/look. The band that comes with this watch is also quite thick, so this thing isn’t going anywhere when you are wearing it. Highly rmmended for people looking for a watch that never needs a battery.

  72. 95

    Hector L Gelabert

    Great value

  73. 95

    Josh B

    Great watch…great price….and it’s powered by light, how cool is that!?!

  74. 95

    buviz store Customer

    Looks great and very comfortable

  75. 95


    Excelente producto

  76. 95

    Luke H

    This watch is amazing. The leather is high quality and I am always getting compliments on it.

  77. 95

    yaghdan jrew

    A great stylish product that is reliable and high end.

  78. 95


    elegant watch

  79. 95

    Mauricio Cuervo

    Muy buen articulo.

  80. 95

    Michael H.

    Recieved this watch today. I like watches that are easy to read. The clockface on this one certainly fills the bill. Not sure why you can see the prior and next date on the display but it actually looks pretty cool. A lot of people didn’t care for the band. It is thick but I think it will be fine. Anyway leather bands have a limited life (with me any way. When this one goes I will get a more tactical style band. The hands glow well apparently as I took out the trash and when I came in the hands were glowing very bright in the house. I am very happy with this watch and will be wearing it often.

  81. 95

    Michael Quintana

    Great looking watch! First time wearing a leather band. Usually went for metal links.Took a a week to wear in the leather strap. It sits a bit looser on my wrist now.[…]

  82. 95

    J Dubs

    When the package arrived, I was really impressed with the watch. I like the detail and depth of the watch, which appears similar to a compass. It looks very classy, sharp and sporty.I bought this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend, since he is an avid watch lover. I was working with a budget, but this watch fit the bill and looks amazing. To be honest, the first thought that popped into my mind when I first lay eyes on it was ‘oh.. maybe I will just keep this for myself.’ I probably would have just framed it and hung it on my wall because it is way too big on my wrist (yes, I also tried it on). Luckily, my boyfriend was also really happy with the watch and he has worn it every day!He hasn’t had any complaints so far. Unlike most of the reviewers who mentioned the discomfort of the watch band, he said that it is comfortable. It has only been a month since I have given it to him, but it appears to be functioning just fine.

  83. 95


    Great looking watch! I was looking for something casual to wear with jeans and this watch is just thing thing. As said the leather band is pretty thick, but I like that depth that it adds to the piece. I have to hold the watch against my stomach to put it on quickly. The dial is a classic neutral color that goes great with anything and the orange snd hand gives it a touch of color. The stainless steel case is well made and adds just the right amount of shine. For the price this is a great watch!

  84. 95


    Great looking watch and only had it a few days but all is well!!!

  85. 95

    Sirshak Das

    Great watch. Band is not great though.

  86. 95


    Beautiful and works great.

  87. 95

    jorge Trujillo

    Nice watch classical and modern perfect for me !!!

  88. 95


    Very nice everyday watch without having to worry about a battery going flat….

  89. 95

    Rodrigo Calvete

    Very good quality but it is very heavy sometimes to wear.

  90. 95

    melissa smith

    My son loves it!!

  91. 95

    jorge from the caribbean tropics

    Much better looking than the picture…

  92. 95

    Derek W.

    Great watchI work in construction and kept having my metal link watches fall apart from the vibration of the tools I use so I went with a leather strap and this watch is perfect for work and tough asOnly drawback is the strap loop is gonna break eventually but I can easily just get a whole new leather strap . been using for 3 months so far and its covered in paint and scrathes on the strap but the actual watch is still in awesome condition and the face isn’t even scratched at all and with me thats pretty good going

  93. 95

    Ryan Thomson

    I ordered this watch around a month ago and I love it. At first glance it seemed a little small to me as I usually like my watches larger than normal but then again I have larger than normal wrist and hand size. All in all this watch has a classic look and I really enjoy it. The one thing I cant stand about it and this goes for other watches as well is the snd strap always slides up so I am constantly moving it back down, the first strap is stationary so you don’t have to worry about that one.

  94. 95


    Excellent quality! Love this watch!

  95. 95


    Purchased as a gift for my 22 year old son. Extra Large face on this watch so if you are looking for a smaller watch this is not the one for you.

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