Shemagh tactical desert scarf

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  • Made from lightweight cotton
  • High quality material sewn
  • One size fits most
  • Designed to protect the head & neck from the sun, sand and wind.
  • Tassels in annex to the ends of Shemagh scarf
  • Folded & wrapped in various styles around the head.
  • Dry quickly & keep the head warm
  • Built to last until the lasting use coarse
  • Used in the head or neck
  • Used by military troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout the world.
  • It can also be used as a neck warmer or hand towel
  • Extremely elegant & Popular

Scarves Length: 100cm-135cm

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  • Made from lightweight cotton
  • High quality material sewn
  • One size fits most
  • Designed to protect the head & neck from the sun, sand and wind.
  • Tassels in annex to the ends of Shemagh scarf
  • Folded & wrapped in various styles around the head.
  • Dry quickly & keep the head warm
  • Built to last until the lasting use coarse
  • Used in the head or neck
  • Used by military troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout the world.
  • It can also be used as a neck warmer or hand towel
  • Extremely elegant & Popular

Scarves Length: 100cm-135cm

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87 Reviews For This Product

  1. 87

    Kristopher C. Grady

    I ordered it for a winter scarf and it very usefull and has many options as to ways you can wear it. very ‘in’ with modern fashion you could say but i like it the most because its easy to cover your face with it to protect against the wind while at the same time it still has enough matterial to protect your neck and chest, which is a big thing living on the lake in Ohio in the winter. overall very happy with it.

  2. 87

    Olman G. Aguilar Gamboa

    Protection, freshness, warmth and comfort, all in one.This product has helped me a lot in the rain forest of my country, because during the walks above the sun, I kept cool and away from the solar radiation and dust.When I get to the jungle, it keeps me cool, because the very humid tropical forest makes you sweat and this product keeps me free from the trouble.During the night it covers my face and protects me from the mosquitoes. Also gives you warm and protects you from wind and low temperatures in your face and neck.The fabric is lightweight, washable, easy to dry, very easy to roll or fold for storage.Perfect for protecting yourself from the elements. Also when you use it gives you a very cool look, the tough guy with an adventurous attitude. Hahahaha.

  3. 87


    Being my first time I’ve ever bought a Shemagh I was a little unsure as to which one I should buy. I did see a lot of them and some were pretty expensive(for my budget anyway), so decided to buy in the mid-range price. I wanted to buy a shemagh for my airsofting since I came to the conclusion that it was more versatile than a balaclava, which I already own. I figured it would function as both a neck proctector and a full face cover. It arrived pretty quickly and was a little brighter than I thought but it was Olive Drab. The material is soft and comfortable to wear and also a little scratchy but not irritating. I have yet to test it in a real skirmish but I am confident that I won’t be disappointed, heck I might even buy another one.

  4. 87


    First time use was April 23rd and 24th, 2011 playing golf at Colbert Hills. Typical spring day; very windy (10 to 15 mph with 30 mph gusting), cloudy, low 40s degree F, wind chill low 30sworked great keeping my face and neck protected, did not notice it even when putting, light but able to keep wind off and it looks good too, had to take it off when the sun broke through but when cloudy it was easy to wrap up the scarf and recomend it to anyone for those cold days in the outdoorsOLIVE DRAB (GREEN/BLACK) SHEMAGH TACTICAL SCARF 8537OLIVEDRAB

  5. 87


    Bought this because I wanted a blue and black shemagh. I already had a tan and black one, but I thought that a blue and black one would be more appropriate since I’m a cop now. I used to wear one in Iraq, as a matter of fact, I try to have one at all times now. I wear it when I’m mowing the lawn and it keeps the gnats out of my ears. It is of good quality, actually woven, not printed. It does the job. All cotton, not polyester and well worth the money. If you take care of it, it should last a good long time.

  6. 87

    D. Burke

    I love these things. I do a fair amount of outdoor excursions, and this is one of my standard EDC (every day carry) items among or away from civilization. It’s great aerated shade in hot environments, also in cold environments scrunched up or folded is good for warmth insulation, and regardless of the weather the design looks quite fashionable as well. Not to mention the nearly endless list of uses a bandana has in general, any boyscout or survivalist/bushcraft people out there know what’s up.I ordered the Olive Drab color and the Blue. They are definitely higher quality than I was expecting. 100% cotton, nice and soft. I am pleased and will order again.

  7. 87

    Dingo Bongo

    I’m not an expert, but this seems like a good quality scarf. Good enough to wear on a cold hike or hunt.Does seem a little smallish, though. I was able to wear it in a couple different ways and it covered my head and neck well. Less coverage on the shoulders and upper chest, however. Overall, I’m glad I bought it and look forward to wearing it this fall.

  8. 87


    I got this shemagh about a year ago. It is about 42’x42′ and has held up very well with a lot of use. I am writtin g this review because I am about to order another one from the same seller. I would recommend this product.

  9. 87


    Very good product. I was surprised to see how well made this shemagh was. It is very large and has all kinds of uses. I highly recommend this product. I ordered three, one OD Green for myself, white one and yellow one for my girlfriend. I thought these would be great for hiking and shooting in the Arizona desert. You never know when the wind will pick up around here. Great product!

  10. 87

    bob bobbington

    I just got this yesterday. I find the quality just fine but the blue color is totally misleading. This is grey and black, with maybe a tiny blue tint in direct sunlight. I tried to scan it with my scanner but my scanner insists that its monochrome. I guess that is a good indication that its not very blue indeed.I only got the blue it seems to be more politically neutral.Quality wise, there are no runs or anything. It seems fine. Its gauzy when its open, but since you always wear it folded into a triangle, its much more heavy and thick feeling.

  11. 87


    As many a reviewer has already said this is a very nice product. Nicely made and preforms admirably. I did have to take away a star on my review though due to the following: I ordered TAN/BLK specifically because another reviewer had said that the ‘desert sand’ color is more yellow than any kind of tan or sand color. Recieved ‘desert sand’ anyway… I would ask to return it for the color I ordered, but it would probably cost as much to ship it back as I paid for it in the first place.While this is still a very nice item i can’t use it for one of the main reasons i bought it in the first place which would be to use as a protector for my neck and the back of my head for paintball matches as yellow tends to stand out a touch in the woods. I will still however be able to use it as a scarf & facemask in the winter while i am working outside on the snow.

  12. 87

    Mr. Staack

    I like my olive drab shemagh scarf. The pattern works well with my camouflage, the cloth is supple yet definitely rugged, and it’s quite versatile. Larger than many bandanas I’ve had, I can do more with this scarf. It’s great for keeping me warm or cool, protecting me from the elements, biding and carrying things, or helping me camouflage things. Draped over some of my gear, it helps break up telling silhouettes, and helps it blend in with surroundings. Depending on your social circles, they can also be fairly stylish. I’m quite pleased with this particular shemagh, as it feels of higher quality than the ones I got from a local outfitter.

  13. 87

    Karen Hubbard

    I ordered 2 shemaghs for my boyfriend and I and can’t be more pleased with them. They are in great condition, very comfortable, and only get more so after a wash and dry.Yes, they are a square scarf but will fit over your head and neck no problem. I wore mine out in the desert for a large camping event and it kept the sun and dust out of my face extremely well. I even wear it to school now that the weather has gotten colder and it keeps the wind from freezing me.Be sure to Google how to wrap the shemagh properly around your face and head as I did so you can get the breakdown on the steps for it. You won’t be disappointed with them at all.

  14. 87


    It is nice and large and does a great job at eliminating the sting on a windy day. The only complaint is the initial smell of it when it arrived. It had a very synthetic smell to it that took several days to go away when it aired out. Dont let that stop you from purchasing one though.

  15. 87


    A good quality shemagh, arrived on time and is a good buy. I use alot of these and have most colors. You will need to wash first. They have a weird smell. Must be the dye. They are ok after washing and a lot softer too. Very pleased.

  16. 87


    I have had this particular shemagh for the last few months and have used it at least a few times a week / every day since it came in. I work outside on a regular basis and I am an avid hunter. I purchased this product after reading the countless ways to use a shemagh and the practicality of an ‘Oversized Handkerchief’. I have never owned a shemagh before purchasing this one and I unfortunately don’t have any other ones to compare it to, but I LOVE this one. I would recommend washing it in warm water first (I threw mine in the washer and dryer once) to soften up the fabric. It still smells like dryer sheets when I place it over my face and it is very soft. It makes a noticeable difference when wrapped around your neck and face in the cold. I have not used it in the heat yet, but I believe that it would also be beneficial to wet it down and place it around your neck to help cool off.I wouldn’t recommend it as a substitute for a good stocking cap but I think it is better than a neck gator. I use it to hunt with as well, thus why I purchased the OD green one. It makes for pretty good camo as well. The shemaugh has held up well, hasn’t frayed or come apart, and has not left any fuzzy material on my face or neck.I would fully recommend this product to any hunter, outdoorsman, or person in a military / law enforcement job setting. It is low in price, has a million applications for use, and is now a standard piece of gear I carry with me every day. You will not be disappointed.

  17. 87

    R. Thomas

    Mine was an off color. Judging from the thumbnails, the blue is very vivid. I ordered the blue/black color scheme. When it came, the shemagh was a slate blue/black. The blue looks like more of an off-gray color than blue. Meh. I wouldn’t normally care, but I kind of bought that specific color for a reason. See, I already have a shemagh in olive drab. I wear it to go skiing, airsofting, or what have you. When I wear it in public, it becomes immediately identifiable as a ‘terrorist scarf’ Sirens start to go off and 5 seconds later I’m lying face-down with a man digging his gun into the back of my head… Ok, not really. Though I have had people refer to it as a terrorist scarf and even had one of my teachers tell me I looked like a terrorist with it. My reply was ‘If it was purple or blue no one would notice or care’ She thought for a second and saw that it was true. I said it without thinking but I too realized what I’d said was true… Maybe if I got a shemagh in a more ridiculous color, It’d fit in better. Yes, the only difference between hipster scarf and terrorist scarf for most people is color. There is also a small patch where the strands where kinda funny and as a result of being packaged that way there were a lot of folds in that area. Other than that it’s fine, no weird smells or anything of that nature.

  18. 87


    This shemagh is exactly what I expected. The quality is top notch and the color (I bought tan) was as expected. It’s made in India. Like other reviewers, I recommend washing it before use.I haven’t begun to scratch the surface of ways I can use it. I bought it as a general purpose scarf for backcountry use, and I’m sure it will come in handy as extra protection in cold weather, protection from the sun, etc. The uses are really limitless.

  19. 87


    I’m going to just go ahead and say that I LOVE Rothco, and all of their products. Comfortable, well-made, and functional. This is perfect for military and civilian personnel alike, and looks great with just about anything (including ACU’s!). If you want a good quality, military shemagh for a great price, the buck stops here. I also recommend looking at Rothco’s other products, as I own a pair of their Air Force style aviator shades, several shirts and jackets, and a few caps. Great quality tectical gear at really reasonable prices.

  20. 87

    M. Romero

    I ordered this product at the same time that I ordered another Tactical Scarf. It arrived as advertised. And I was thoroughly impressed with the material. 100% cotton, Measuring 42’x42′ and the material felt twice as thick as the other scarf ordered. Made in India, and breathes SOOO well. Used it while making minor repairs on my 18 wheeler, and it proved an awesome wardrobe addition. I moistened it, and stayed cool in 107 degree heat. While I would love a 46’x46′ size, due to me having a larger neck, and head. It will definitely be included in my clothing bag. After the first wash, It did not have any extensive color wash off. And the color stayed the same shade. I ordered purple, and will be definitely ordering a variety of colors. Giving 4 out of 5 stars. It would have been 5, but the 42’X42′ size is going to prove to be an issue when I go for a complete head cover. Otherwise. Great product.

  21. 87

    Prepared for Zombies

    I have wanted one of these for quite some time and finally broke down and got one. This is such an excellent addition to my emergency bag. Check on-line for the numerous used for the shemagh and how to tie it. Let’s be honest, this has been a regular staple in the desert regions of the world for centuries…there must be a good reason. You will not go wrong with this, get one (or two) for yourself. BE PREPARED…THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!!!

  22. 87

    DB BluBlock Productions

    I purchased two of these Shemaghs, and they are VERY high quality. Its funny how versatile they can be. I have used them in tactical, business casual, and dress occasions. Its all about how you fold and tuck these shemaghs, as you can manipulate them to have many appearances. I use these as scarfs in the deep winter just because they can tuck deep into your shirt to keep you warm, and still look decent. The material is nice and soft, doesn’t irritate the neck as some rougher materials do, and holds its color after many rounds through the washing machine. The patterns are also nice.Tactically, these are impressive! They are very large, do a great job blocking the sun/heat of the desert, and remain lightweight. Many of my friends are still using these when deployed. This Shemagh is TOUGH!!! Well worth the money..

  23. 87

    David Lipke

    I was surprised at how thin the shemagh was when it arrived, but after perfecting how to put it on I was surprised at how warm it became.I brought it along backpacking at Glacier National Park in early May where I really learned just how useful it was. Glacier in May is still very cold, it dipped below zero every night and snowed a few times while we were up there. When the sun disappears behind the mountains the temperature drops.I most often wore it around my neck while still tied in the configuration that I could pull it over as a hood and around my mouth as a mask. When tied like that it provides excellent insulation (hot or cold) and just feels really good. The cotton almost feels like fleece. I often wear it like that for a majority of the day at my cabin.When you have the mask around your face it blocks wind as well as any single-purpose mask you could ever buy. However, I wear glasses and often those single-purpose thinsulate or any other material masks always, always cause my breath to fog my glasses. I’ve never had my glasses fog up wearing my Shemagh.The hood keeps you as warm as a light wool cap, but with the benefit of covering most of your exposed skin instead of just the top of your head. I wear it at night because cold air still gets into your sleeping bag through the hole where your head is. I’ve found nothing better to stave off that cold than the Shemagh.Even in the heat, after several hours of backpacking I threw it over my back where my shirts were soaked in sweat and becoming too cool in the sun. It stopped the sun from evaporating too much sweat too quickly and kept the temperature much more even.When you’re not using it, it’s light and thin enough to pack anywhere comfortably.It was great to take along backpacking in the cold and it’ll be the first thing packed when I head out next year, and I keep it on me at all times of the day any day of the year at my cabin. It’s permanently a part of my cold-weather gear, and I even keep it in my car during the summer for those cold morning commutes. It was worth the $15 or so I paid and easily that much again.

  24. 87


    I ordered this while overseas because I needed another one, and quick. This was shipped and received within 7 or 8 days. Of course the quality of the product is great as well. Really saved my butt in the cold winter months of Afghanistan. Thank you

  25. 87

    Adam J. Hand

    I’ll be honest, I bought this mostly because it looked cool and maybe 30% hoping it would work. Well, the first time I wore it was playing golf when it was 40 degrees and the wind was blowing. I can’t tell you how warm it is. It covers your head, your ears, your neck, and if you tie it right you can pull it down under your chin if you want more air. I’m taking it deer hunting this weekend and it’ll be in my cold weather kit for a long time. Highly recommended.

  26. 87


    After debating on all types of Shemaghs this one is the best for my girlfirend who loves purple. I wanted something with quality and made of cotton. This Shemagh was the answer. The one I purchased for myself was a bit more authentic. This one is more durable and it can be tactical if purchased in the nutral colors.

  27. 87


    I bought this one simply because I needed another color. They are lightweight and a light weave but cheap enough that you can buy another one if you wear it out. It will work as a winter scarf despite being thin. When rolled and doubled up it keeps out the wind. Since it is cotton it will pull heat from your neck/body when wet. That can be a benefit in the summer but if it gets wet from melted snow in the winter its a disadvantage. Overall satisfied. My original one is holding up well but I have yet to Machine wash it. More to come.

  28. 87

    Teri L. Newman

    Though not the best you’ll find on the market, definetly a good price at $12 each. I bought two, to put in tmy backpacking pack as I live in the high desert. They are warm, full sized, durrable, and have two patterned sides, one with more black then the other. Desert Sand comes off as a stong dingy yellow, but overtime will fade into a more sand color (Same with most desert Shemaghs). One thing I perfer on this one over other Tactical Shemaghs, the frills are tided strips of cloth as opposed to extra threading tied off, harder for my dogs to tear it up if they get ahold of it (They love tearing up things with stringy frills), and less snags when walking through desert bush.Pros:WarmAfordable (can get a couple for the same price as single others)DurableLess snags and thread dragscons:More like cotton cloth then knitNot as thick as some others (not that big of an issue for a desert Shemagh)Edited to add 5th star, five years and still in good shape.

  29. 87

    Xavier Wolfe

    The scarf I received isn’t bad.. ..I think it’s a little thin and the size estimate of 42’x42′ is off by a good 2-2.5′ each way.. I had hoped for something a little more substantial with less threads flying off it and bigger. Maybe I’ve got a big head/face or something, but it doesn’t seem to wrap quite right. All in all, it’s not that bad for the price. It will live most of it’s days in my bag until I need it. These Pennsylvania deserts around here are brutal, but not enough that I’m going to wear it as a fashion statement or as a status/political statement.Something more silk-like and a finer weave is what I was expecting I guess. But. Hey. You live and you learn. Product came fast and was packaged well. I’ll probably look for something more like the HUGE silk bandanas I’ve become used to next time.

  30. 87

    Sam P.

    There’s not much magical about the shemagh. It basically just a piece of fabric with little knots tied around the fringes. Yet the shemagh just works well for its intended purpose. It stays on well once properly tied, the fabric breathes well, and it’s comfortable. As survival or camping gear its multiple uses make it a great piece to have. Since it’s my first shemagh I have nothing to compare it with but this one met my expectations.

  31. 87

    Big B

    I bought this for paintball and just general use outdoors and it is what I wanted, fabric was a liitle course at first but a soak and then a wash took care of that.

  32. 87


    I had a Shemagh from my friends tour in Afghanistan. My shemagh was stolen, and I wanted a replacement. So I purchased the Rothco Shemagh Tactical ‘Scarf’ in TAN. I must say I love this Shemagh. Now it doesn’t have the same story as my old one, but this works great. It’s a light weight material that breaths nice, and covers up all skin from the sun. Not too light to where it will tear, and can be used as other things. It comes in a square of 42” x 42”. You can use it as a Shemagh, and use the correct wrapping patterns or cut it into fourths, and have four bandannas. Great item, and built to last.

  33. 87

    Brian Alpine

    This is my first Shemagh but I am extremely pleased with the quality and the coloring of the product. It looks exactly as pictured and cost me under $11. It is definitely going to see a lot of use due to it is extraordinarily soft and comfortable around the neck and face. I will admit it is lighter than I had expected but I don’t think it will compromise the ability to use this as a scarf in winter. I can see using this for hunting too. Mine did have a snag in it but I took the time to tug it out and fix it. Took 2 minutes to do that so I won’t knock off any stars for that. I got the olive drab/black combo and my wife got the white/black shemagh. We are both very very pleased with our purchase. A+ product and I would recommend this product to anyone living in hot or cold climates or to people that just wish to cover their face for any reason.

  34. 87

    Boney Maroney

    this will protect you from the sun, wind, sand, etc. many tactical uses.. comes out of the bag kind of smelly. wash it before tactical deployments. for some reason only the British military are using these. you think it’s a villain but then he does a ninja roll, whips off the shemagh and is like ‘ jolly good show old boy but i suggest we make haste’ . then he lays down covering fire as you make a break for it. i keep one in my desk at work . this and a bottle of water will get you down the smokey fire stairs in one piece. but i advise against wearing this on the subway.

  35. 87


    I was actually very surprised with the two of these I ordered. Very good strong thread and is good for many things including a tournoquet. I probably spelled that wrong but oh well you get the point. Works great in hot weather as well or windy days here in the desert.

  36. 87


    Everyone thought I was crazy to wear this on hikes, but it kept me so cool! It keeps the sweat off, which is really helpful on humid days, and keeps me from getting sunburned. It’s also useful for so many other things, I make sure I have it whenever I go into the woods. The thinness of the cloth scared me a little at first, but once you fold it, it’s just right.

  37. 87


    This is exactly what i was looking for. Unlike other products i have read about where the product came in smelling like some sort of toxic material, this product smells like nothing. i ordered it sunday and it came today so exactly 3 days from when i ordered it to receiving it in my mailbox, actually faster than 3 days. its a good material and its strong. I dont know who the hell reviewed this product being bad bad but they’re mistaken, it must be one of the other competitors

  38. 87


    I bought a terrible quality shemagh of a different brand a while back. Dye ran, the weave was VERY loose, and it just felt like horrible quality. This one is WAY more like it. It’s light and airy, like it should be, but substantial enough in the weave to serve the variety of purposes that most people hope to keep a shemagh around for. It filters particles, blocks sun and wind, wraps nicely, and is accurately measured. True to color, too. Which is nice. I was prepared for this to suck, and was very pleasantly surprised by how much it didn’t. If I ever needed another for whatever reason, I would be perfectly happy buying another of this same type.

  39. 87

    Hiro M.

    The garment is big beautiful and warm. I originally bought it to try out some head wraps that I had laying around and wanted to how easy it is to use it. Easy as pie. The Shemagh is both way and versatile it is use. I have used it to wrap sensitive electronics to keep safe to my neck in cold weather below -12 centigrade. The only thing that is off putting is the fact that when wet it tend to bleed alot onto other colors. It is not advisable to used wet and with white or bright colors. Other than that I would buy another in a heartbeat. Worth ever penny.

  40. 87


    This is a great head scarf. I ordered black/white, and intend to also order the tan/black. The description says it measures 42′ by 42′ but, after washing and drying (without any fading or bleeding), mine measures 45′ by 45′. It can be tied about the head as a regular head scarf, about the neck for warmth, or about the face to protect from blowing sand, blazing sun, pollen, etc. For instructions on how to tie, there are several good videos on YouTube.

  41. 87


    OK, it looked cool and I thought it might make a good cold weather head cover that could be used for lot’s of other random stuff like filtering water, a sling, something to carry loose assorted stuff in, etc, etc.It came the other day. I watched a YouTube vid on how to tie it on right. Put it on and my wife thought it looked a little scary so I took it off.Now here it is Christmas Eve, I’ve got to shovel snow again for the umpteenth time in the past few days, and of course it’s now -2 degrees. Tied on the shemagh and put on my heavy parka and went out to start shoveling. The shemagh kept my head warm and pre-heated the air I was breathing while still being thin enough that the air I was breathing was nice and fresh. The top wrap shaded my eyes just like it was supposed to and and even with the bright sun I didn’t need sunglasses (which fog up anyway when it’s this cold).I admit a few of the neighbors gave my strange looks because of my newly acquired super coolness but I must say the thing works great in cold weather. I probably won’t have to deal with too many sandstorms on the frozen tundra of Wisconsin but because of it’s light weight and compact size when folded the shemagh will be with me every day through the cold half of the year.I suppose next summer when it’s 95 degrees I’ll have to see how it does for cooling when soaked with water.Did I mention I like it?

  42. 87


    Great Schemagh, very durable and everything you would want in one and more, I would definitely recommend to all my friends!

  43. 87


    This Rothco Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf was a gift for my husband. He loves it, was exactly what he had wanted. He wears it very often. He is satisfied with it totally which makes me happy. I ordered the Olive Drab color.

  44. 87


    I have used this so many times while camping for so many things I am glad I bought it. Just like in scouts they teach you the uses of things like this. It is light enough that it can breath, I would buy this again.

  45. 87

    El Chivo

    A practical, versatile, good looking scarf for the Iowa cold. My son bought one and I liked it so much I bought one too. A different color of course.

  46. 87

    Daniel Madrigal

    This shemagh if great if you spend a lot of time in the sun. I am a safety officer in shooting sports competitions and will spend hours under the sun, sunblock helps, but to prevent your neck from sun burn this shemagh will do wonders. If it gets too hot, just moisten the cloth and it will be refreshing.

  47. 87

    Fancy Red Fox

    I live in New England and this is easily one of the most practical items I have ever purchased. These are comfortable and have a ton of practical use. I plan on buying more.

  48. 87


    I’ve used this scarf for pretty much everything—a ski mask, a towel, a hat—occasionally I actually use it as a scarf as well. Recommended buy!

  49. 87

    Octdocterly Herbologisk

    This product came promptly, which was great. I ordered the Desert Tan color – I received a nearly bright yellow shemagh instead. Lucky for the sellers I like yellow, but the color is inconsistent with their labeling. The quality of the fabric is plastic-based, which means it’s strong and keeps you fairly warm, but if you’re a smoker or are around heat/flame, this fabric heats up fast and melts. Not recommended for dryers, either.

  50. 87

    Michael M. Witsil

    Works as expected. I purchased this for airsoft and it works just as described. Oversized for protection. You put it around your neck and face, the bb’s don’t hurt. If you fail to cover any portion, it hurts to get shot. What else can I say…

  51. 87

    J. Smith

    This is great. It is big and comfy and I would buy it again. You will like it. It was made in Pakistan, and they did a great job.I wear it just about every day.

  52. 87

    Thomas A.

    These scarfs are very well made and appear authentic, but are not the versions of the Near East origin that i have had from the ‘source’… Somewhat shorter in length which causes some problems when attempting to tie in authentic manner

  53. 87


    Careful, this is a more common 42 inch square scarf not a more traditional 46 inch square scarf. It is a plain Rothco Shemagh. This item is decent, I have several and for the $10 price prime delivery a decent deal and offered by many other sellers as well. If you were expecting a 116cm x 116cm, you may be disappointed, I hand wash mine and line dry as the colors may bleed out. I have had some that do and some that don’t. I will keep mine but never buy from the seller who provided this item again, I did leave separate seller feedback for this issue.

  54. 87

    Carlos GC

    I ordered this Shemagh under the impression that it would be a ‘tannish’ faded colour, more of a yellow really, but upon recieving this through Fed ex, I discovered that this particular shemagh was darker. A lot Darker than I thought. I guess I underestimated the pictue. Its arguably the same colour as my issued gear (USMC), coyote brown. I opened the plastic, untampered bag it came folded in and noticed the quality of the shemagh. Its 100% cotton and manufactured in India. Personally, I have a love affair with India so that was a major plus for me.As far as the thickness, its fairly thick as opposed to the blackhawk shemagh that I purchased some years ago. it feels sturdier as well. After examining the Shemagh, i quickly attempted to wrap it around my head to see if it could keep the folds certain wraps require for comfort and due to its thickness, it remained sturdy. I’ll definitely order another one of these Rothco Shemaghs if need be.

  55. 87


    Works well when you want a shemagh but don’t want the stigma of traditional colors. You really just look like a hunter with one of these rather than getting strange looks from people that have simple minds. A shemagh is a must have for any person wandering about in the wilderness. Works well for holding your shoulder in it’s socket and keeping sun off your head. Very versatile.

  56. 87


    Another great shemagh. I own these in several colors. Remember to do the triple-dip when you first get it. Fill up a bucket or large pot with enough warm water to submerge the scarf. Give the scarf a couple squeezes under the water and let it sit for 20 minutes. After 20 min, wring it out in the sink and replace the dirty water with new fresh warm water. Submerge the scarf again and soak for another 20 minutes. Repeat this process one more time and air dry over your shower curtain rod, or on a clothesline.This process will help bleed some of the fresh ink out of it so it won’t stain when wet. It will also help to soften it.

  57. 87


    I got 3 of these in different colors for different family members and each of them is exactly the color that they show on the picture. I was very worried about the quality as some other brands are not great, I was very happy to see that these are great quality. They have no odd smell (as some other brands have) they are thick enough to feel like I can use them with confidence outside while doing something, and yet thin enough that I can breathe normally (as they are supposed to be). I recommend these to anyone.

  58. 87


    Visited Africa with my wife and friends. A very close friend suggested that we try this product and I did so reluctantly. What a great idea! I keeps dust out of your nose and mouth, helps you stay warm on chilly mornings, is a great cover to keep over your camera so it will be ready for the next shot you have to take, and was invaluable. Have to admit it was a bit strange at first but I quickly lost that feeling when I realized the tremendous utility of this scarf.

  59. 87


    GREAT tactical scarf. It really came in handy on a backpacking trip I went on in which it proved to be very durable and serve multiple purposes. Very happy w/ my purchase. Recommended.

  60. 87

    R. Hope

    When I bought this I only had a vague sense of what I’d use it for. I quickly started using and taking it lots of places. Actually used it for what it was designed for in the New Mexico desert. Then used it on cool and cold weather camping, even wrapping my head up as I slept in my sleeping bag. It hangs on my wall ready to grab.UPDATE 10/14/14: Ok, have gotten more use out of this and it’s held up just fine. It gets stuffed in a daypack or backpack or just tied around my neck. It really does just hang on my wall ready to go. My advice? Buy it. Simple, it’s $10, the quality is good, it’s got lots of uses, you get more than your money’s worth. Just go ahead and order it already!UPDATE 9/11/15: I have to get another one. Mine’s fine, it’s just that others keep borrowing mine!Update 4/11/16 Went and bought another so mine wouldn’t get borrowed anymore. Mine is just fine thank you.Update 11/3/17 Still hangs on the back of my door. Still regular use, love it cold weather camping under my jacket. Let one of my boy scouts borrow it on a cold day. He bought one after that trip.

  61. 87


    Pros:Very SoftColors match the photo almost perfectlyPattern is exactly as in the pictureIt is quite largeCons:Too light weightBecause of the way the pattern is weaved the threads snag really easilyThreads were popping out before I even wore itThe weave is very loose

  62. 87


    I’ve traveled to a lot of places and you’ll see poorly made shemaghs being peddled throughout the world. My introduction to these head scarves was when I was in India and found them necessary for sun protection and for warmth in Himachal Pradesh (Manali and such). The ones I bought while traveling were cheap imitations. These Rothco ones are amazingly thick and warm. I come from a major midwestern city where winter is being on par with Siberia. This shemagh has kept my core warm and truly has become invaluable during the cold weather. I bought the Rothco ones because I knew they were well made (despite the hilarious 1-star reviews that are incredibly suspect to ignorance and competitor motives). warm, durable, cheap, and honestly they simply look good. It’s pretty neat to find something so useful from another culture that perfectly translates to your own on my levels.

  63. 87

    Cape Girl

    A bit roughly made but works awesome. Good color choices now–I got blue because, hey, it’s pretty, but you could do the bright orange and emergency flag someone. Or be cool and get the Marine or pirate ones. Or be wardrobe stylish and get the deluxe black that goes with everything. I got mine to make my small 5.11 Moab have a multi use item that would let me use it as a sling, light shoulder cover, face mask in event of emergency (I’ve had volcanic ash breathing fun but there is huge amounts of air debris in strong earthquakes or explosions in cities or dust in desert areas, you name it), makeshift carry assist for items, small child emergency ‘boo blanket’, quick towel for sudden rain bursts, etc. Basically, this is too handy not to include in your kit or car or work or home.Will buy others. Just have to pick the right color now . . . . 😉

  64. 87


    Great quality at a decent price… Definitely stands up to regular outdoor use too. Just be sure to soak it in a bucket of very hot water for an hour or so for the extra black die to wash out. After you dry it on a clothesline, it will be good to go!

  65. 87

    Rev. Alvin Guzman

    Get one! You’ll love it. Great pattern, tone and weight. I have the coyote brown.

  66. 87

    Alex Duenas

    I bought these specifically to protect my face in the harsher winters that Michigan can receive. I wanted to go with a shemagh as opposed to a traditional scarf due to just having more applicable uses. The Rothco Shemagh is light and is very compact. I keep one in my everyday pack and also one at home. The winter this year was very frigid (-20 wind chill), now normally the cold isn’t too bad but add in the wind and you couldn’t stay out for long without protecting your face. I have two husky shepherds and this frigid weather is like home for them, so I had to be protected for at least an hour outdoors while I walk them. The shemagh worked excellent and even better than I had hoped. I wrapped my head up and wind and cold was never an issue. Although the material is lighter, if you wrap it correctly for your weather conditions, it can be a fantastic insulator. My wife was making fun of me as we were walking the dogs for how I looked, not more than 10 minutes later her face was so cold I gave her my shemagh to use. Needless to say, she no longer says anything about me wearing the shemagh and actually wants a few of her own now. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

  67. 87


    Dog loves it

  68. 87


    This scarf was thin but fairly good quality stitching. One complaint as others have mentioned was that it smelled very strongly of tobacco. It was unbearable out of the box, however I hung it outside in the wind for two days which helped significantly. You get what you pay for, I probably wouldn’t repurchase this product.

  69. 87

    Sue D.

    EDIT:I have used this extensively in the hot summer in my garden and on a few hikes. It is wonderful but very pink. It’s been wet, dried, stressed, and holds up well though there is some minor tearing where it was really pulled hard. It makes a wonderful shawl and helps keep the mosquitoes from getting through my clothes!ORIGINAL:This has just now arrived and not been tested in the field.After reading a lot of reviews I was afraid I’d get something flimsy, dirty, or smaller than described. I was wrong.This came precisely as described. Not including the tassles, it measures 42×42 (actually a hair short of 42 on one side and a hair long on the other, less than 1/4′ difference each way.)It is clean and doesn’t smell, except for the dye. It reminds me of when I used to buy t-shirts with decals on them, not a strong smell.The weave is better/tighter than I expected. The holes in the weave are too small to measure – much less than 1mm each.The color (pink) is really pink.It feels strong. Pulling one edge from the other, I feel like I could rip it if I wanted to, but it would take effort. I’m sure I could hold one end down with a foot and rip the other with my hand. But for a lightweight item, it feels sturdy. I won’t feel like I have to be dainty with it.I’ve just looked at some YouTube videos on how to tie this thing and it’s long enough to do all of them, though 2′ more wouldn’t be bad.I’ll probably buy another in another color someday. Looking forward to using this one.

  70. 87


    I was very impressed with the quality of the fabric. I was somewhat skeptical since it was only $10, but upon receiving the product I was very impressed. Drys very quickly if you lay it out, but when you have it wrapped up it retains moisture very well, could be considered good or bad on your circumstances. Yet if you need your shemagh to stay dry just hang it out for a few mins and you’re good to go.

  71. 87

    Ryan H.

    well made, item as described, good packaging, prompt delivery. would purchase again.

  72. 87


    The Rothco desert scarf is what you want in a shemagh. It is thicker and larger than the lower quality ones…this one is made in India and much better than the alternates that come from Pakistan. Trust me, there is a big difference between them. This one is a winner.

  73. 87


    Thin material, which might be what you want. If it’s not folded up you can see through it.

  74. 87


    Never had one before so didn’t know what to expect. People that I work with took a look and said it was some of the nicest quality they’ve seen. One even ordered one for himself and was very happy with his. I ordered mine for hiking and it’s fist outtings was in The Smokey mountains in November. One morning was in the 20’s and it kept me nice and warm and kept the wind off my face. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I ended up ordering 2 more one for my wife for Christmas and one for my daughter for her birthday.

  75. 87


    I’m not a paintballer or anything, I just wanted a cool looking scarf and this fit the bill. For fun i tried tying it like a ninja, and some other ways after watching a youtube instructional video and it worked well if that’s what you are looking to do. I have a big head (literally) and this Shemagh is big enough. Looks cool just wearing it as scarf too as I tested it out in our recent blizzard here in VA. Kept my face and neck nice and warm.

  76. 87


    I now have five of these shemaghs and love them. They have a tendency to create little fuzz balls on my shirt where I wrap them around my neck, but that is such a minor issue I would never remove a star for that. I have bought and will buy more in the future.

  77. 87


    Works well to cover when paint ballingt

  78. 87

    John Huff

    An indispensable item for your EDC bag or backpack. Useful in hot weather as well as cold. Many uses are limited only by your imagination.

  79. 87

    Charlie __

    After reading a whole bunch of reviews (and of course worrying myself), I decided to buy this shemagh from Rothco. Delivered on time and with no flaws/tears. Feels like it’s made well, comfortable, doesn’t rub the wrong way. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a shemagh & is on the fence about which shemagh to actually buy.

  80. 87

    Koenig Atlas

    I bought this about a year ago to use in my field work for ecology out here in Wyoming. I needed something that was capable of blocking wind, sand, and keeping me both cool and warm.I used it for small hikes with success, but I eventually had an 11 hour field project from sunrise to sunset where I found out exactly how great this thing is. At high noon it was exceedingly hot, and I was wearing a regular hat. I eventually took it off in favor of the shemagh and found that it kept me much cooler and protected my ears from burning. A few hours later when the sun eventually set, the shemagh then started to keep my entire face warm.I live in Laramie now where temperatures have been reaching -40 with wind chill, and it’s one of the few things that protects me when walking from campus building to building. Looks great, keeps you warm, keeps you cool. Perfect for outdoor work or rapidly changing temperatures

  81. 87


    Smelt great, no holes, or other damage! I bought the grey and black version and it smelt like funk, lol. It is pretty soft, just wash it in the sink using cold water and put some fabric soften on it, then let it air dry. Do not attempt to use a dryer on this shemagh or it will shrink a a few inches on you all the way around. I made this mistake already and should have known better. I bought the same brand because I wear these everywhere, and even in the rain when they get wet, they dry really, really fast.

  82. 87


    Upon initial glance I can say this shemagh is leaps and bounds ahead of theÊmultimat Proforce Superlite Mat, Olive/Black. Out of the package this Rothco felt softer (like cotton should) than the Camcon, and the thread count appears to be a little higher. One noticeable difference between the two was the odor. The Rothco (made in India) had no offensive odor, while the Camcon (made in Pakistan) had a very pungent chemical odor. Another difference was color fastness. Prior to use I rinsed each product in hot water and found that the Rothco colors did not run, yet the Camcon colors continued to run after about five minutes of rinsing and hand-wringing. The colors finally stopped running after machine washing in cold water (this also eliminated the chemical odor). The size of both were sufficient to tie the traditional head covering style.

  83. 87

    Gary Prentice

    My only complaint is the giant tag. It is uncomfortable and difficult to remove without damaging the garment.

  84. 87

    Darth Tater

    This is a high quality product. The many different ways you can wear it allow for use in cold or warm weather. I use it backpacking all the time and it has moved up to an essential item for me. Great for covering your face from bugs, great for keeping sweat out of your eyes on the trail, great as an emergency pillow when you need to lay down because that hill you just climbed is the devil incarnate. Highly recommend!

  85. 87


    Bought 2 of these. And i wish i bought more! These are definitely worth the price. Awesome quality. Stylish, and very useful. I enjoy using it as a neck and face wrap

  86. 87


    Well made, and beautiful. Washes well. Many uses.

  87. 87


    Tactical-Timmy scarves are great. You may look a little mall-ninja, but who cares? Your face is warm. It’s lightweight, breathable, wicks moisture, protects from wind and sun, and has a million other uses that your favorite tacticool oper8or blog can show you.

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