Skull Illustration T-shirt

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Material: Cotton

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Colour: Black, White, Gray


Skull Illustration T-shirt

Skull Illustration T-shirt

Skull Illustration T-shirt

Skull Illustration T-shirt

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Black, Gray, White



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45 Reviews For This Product

  1. 44


    Excellent Product

  2. 44


    Nice for the money

  3. 44

    Prepared for Zombies

    Great summer color, Oy-Another Polish Joke!!!

  4. 44

    DB BluBlock Productions

    loved it.

  5. 44


    Best product on the market

  6. 44


    I have a few shirts from this company now. They are high quality, and the graphics are very vibrant and detailed. Lots of good designs. Love the artwork on this one.

  7. 44



  8. 44


    Bought this t-shirt for my son, who is of slender build. However, I wish the neckline wasn’t so tight.I decided to wash the shirt before giving to my son to wear – in the hope that the neckline will stretch somewhat.

  9. 44


    I really love the space that it has and itÕs small enough to carry anywhere! I hope every army is able to get one!

  10. 44


    Great product and service

  11. 44


    Great product!

  12. 44

    Octdocterly Herbologisk

    Looks good! Authentic

  13. 44

    Michael M. Witsil

    Very good.

  14. 44

    Thomas A.

    Well made!!!

  15. 44



  16. 44


    Just as shown very happy with it.

  17. 44


    Love it!

  18. 44

    Rev. Alvin Guzman

    I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he just loves it. They work great! Thanks for sending it so quickly too

  19. 44


    good vest for golf or walking when wind is chilly. Size as expected for XL. Washes well although a bit wrinkled out of the dryer.

  20. 44


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  21. 44

    John Huff

    I had one of these growing up and now that I needed one for muscle spastisicy (sp?) I was taken back to when I was much younger and had one. An amazingly well thought out design and just as the one of my youth, it does well with any tobacco. ~M

  22. 44

    Gary Prentice

    I gave this as a gift to someone who lost her dog as sort of a memorial. She loved it. I would recommend this highly.

  23. 44

    Darth Tater

    This band is gorgeous I love it so much. ItÕs origibal, good quality, super cute and very comfy. I absolutely recommend it.

  24. 44


    I’m a huge Star Wars fan and this is my favorite! It’s really good quality and sticks very well! It’s worth the money and was delivered in 4 days!!! I was very surprised! I pug it on my water bottle and it looks awesome! Great product for any die hard Star Wars fan! 🙂

  25. 44


    Excellent High Quality Product! Very nice robust design with a great cutting edge. ItÕs easy to fill and use, holds all our craft tapes and my kids love using it. Highly recommended!

  26. 44

    M Corrado

    Great skirt MAGA ____

  27. 44

    Christopher H.

    This shirt is absolutely amazing! from the graphics shown on the front! The color of the shirt that stands out to every eye that cast their sights on this shirt!!This shirt emboldens anyone who purchases one, and walk with confidence that you will be noticed and complimented! Definitely recommend getting one size bigger than your normal average size. Great fit out of the package!

  28. 44


    Great box. I love the program apps that come with it. I do wish it would allow me to use the google playstore to download other apps. I could do without the subtitles shown on every program I watch.

  29. 44


    My son likes the shirt. Has a great look. Fabric is lighter than some other Tees I have.

  30. 44

    Charles L. Cornwall

    It doesn’t state that they are printed on Gildan T-Shirt? I love the look of the print but I live in Florida and I have lost a lot of the Gildan T-Shirts because of the sun, fading. I purchased 4 shirts only to my surprise discover Gildan? We’ll see I guess… I will keep posting…

  31. 44


    The shirt looks good and fits kind of big. Have not washed it yet IÕll see if it shrinks a bit when I do. The color is the part IÕm too excited about, I thought from the picture that it was more of a Òburnt yellowÒ but itÕs actually much lighter. The front logo could be a little bigger. But overall itÕs an ok shirt, I like it but just not my favorite

  32. 44


    Great shirt

  33. 44


    After reading other reviews I had a hard time picking a size to order some said it fits true others said it fits small or shrinks. So I went with a XXL thinking I would rather it be big than not fit. I wish I would have ordered a XL. I am 6’4 and 230 pounds so in some shirts I need a XXL but this is not one of them. The shirt it self is great!

  34. 44

    Amit Kumar

    XL fits perfect. 6’1’/185lbs. Name brand shirt (Gildan) which always fits me perfectly.

  35. 44


    This is such an awesome design! We’re wearing these for Halloween, even though they’re fun to just wear and get reactions. Very nice quality. And even if you don’t wash them before their first wear, the colors don’t bleed onto your other clothing. Nicely done!

  36. 44

    Dana J.

    Purchased 2 for Christmas presents canÕt wait for them to be opened. I know they will love them!

  37. 44

    Ronald W Stark

    Love the graphics but does run about a size smaller. I wear a XXL but should have gone w a XXXL.

  38. 44


    It took awhile to get here, 2 weeks, even though it was a prime item and I picked 2 days, it wasn’t available for some reason, but I didn’t pay for shipping so that was good! I got this for one older brother for his birthday, but got the wrong size and had to give it to my oldest brother for his birthday the next month! I will have order another for the middle older brother soon! He wears a 1x and the other a large, which is what I got, but my oldest brother loved it himself, and now I know the other really wants one too,lol! Its well made and fits as you would expect for a mans large! So it was worth the wait!

  39. 44

    Stephen C. Carpenter

    Very happy with this shirt. Cool design, comfortable and it does not get me hot wearing it, which is important to me. Some shirts make you crazy hot especially when it contains a high percent of polyester, i am sure this happens for many people. I wash it inside out on cold & hang dry. No problem. What can i say , i would buy it again. 🙂

  40. 44


    Bought the shirt for a friend as a present and I am sure he is going to LOVE it!! Looks great and arrived 11 days earlier!! Thanks!!

  41. 44


    Like the shirt but should have got a XL cause a Large don’t fit after being washed just my 2 cents. Gonna haft to order another one a size bigger and give this one to the wife for a pj shirt.

  42. 44


    don’t put in dyrer

  43. 44


    I am 6’4′ tall, 260 pounds – slight beer gut – and I usually buy XXL Tall shirts. I liked this design so I tried an XXXL. It fits perfectly and does not look like I am wearing a dress. I am able to wear a long John shirt under the t-shirt. The shirt itself is a fairly thin material.I will purchase again from this company, and although I do wish they offered tall sizes, I can vouch for XXXL working as a replacement for XXL Tall without the waist turning into a dress.

  44. 44


    Good quality shirt and great price.

  45. Dana

    Good quality and attractive, at least this one. Buyer beware. Do not order from third party. Design a joke and shirts are cheap material.


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Skull Illustration T-shirt

Skull Illustration T-shirt

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