Wolf Illustration T-shirt

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Wolf Illustration T-shirt

Wolf Illustration T-shirt

Wolf Illustration T-shirt

Wolf Illustration T-shirt

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Black, Gray, White



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130 Reviews For This Product

  1. 129

    Koenig Atlas

    This item has wolves on it which makes it intrinsically sweet and worth 5 stars by itself, but once I tried it on, that’s when the magic happened. After checking to ensure that the shirt would properly cover my girth, I walked from my trailer to Wal-mart with the shirt on and was immediately approached by women. The women knew from the wolves on my shirt that I, like a wolf, am a mysterious loner who knows how to ‘howl at the moon’ from time to time (if you catch my drift!). The women that approached me wanted to know if I would be their boyfriend and/or give them money for something they called mehth. I told them no, because they didn’t have enough teeth, and frankly a man with a wolf-shirt shouldn’t settle for the first thing that comes to him. I arrived at Wal-mart, mounted my courtesy-scooter (walking is such a drag!) sitting side saddle so that my wolves would show. While I was browsing tube socks, I could hear aroused asthmatic breathing behind me. I turned around to see a slightly sweaty dream in sweatpants and flip-flops standing there. She told me she liked the wolves on my shirt, I told her I wanted to howl at her moon. She offered me a swig from her mountain dew, and I drove my scooter, with her shuffling along side out the door and into the rest of our lives. Thank you wolf shirt.Pros: Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts womenCons: Only 3 wolves (could probably use a few more on the ‘guns’), cannot see wolves when sitting with arms crossed, wolves would have been better if they glowed in the dark.

  2. 129

    Darth Tater

    After reading the amazing reviews for this product, I couldn’t help myself. I kept finding myself drawn towards the image – three beautiful wolves, symbols of freedom and self-reliance howling at the moon. Eventually I couldn’t hold off any longer, and I was compelled to purchase not one but TWO of these gorgeous works of art.Father’s day is coming up and I know that my dad has always felt himself to be a kindred spirit of the lone wolf. Even though he has a hard time hammering a nail or growing more than a single tomato on a tomato plant, that’s never stopped him from trying. He’s got that idea of self-sufficiency and the instinct for survival without actually being self-sufficient or capable of survival on his own. I think that this shirt will allow him the feeling of being the lone wolf without actually having to carry a gun, a knife, drive a truck or wear a baseball cap.But I can’t just let my dad have all the fun. So I also bought one for my husband. He’s used to me getting him the $2 shirts on clearance at Old Navy – the ones with sayings you can’t understand or graphics you can’t figure out. So he’ll be shocked at the swell gift this year – a shirt that is NOT on clearance, nor does it have an incomprehensible saying on it. No, this time he is THE MAN.Unfortunately, from the time I started to bring the shirt home from the mailbox (a cluster box at the end of the street), I knew this shirt may be too much for either my dad or my husband. The neighborhood dogs started howling as I walked back to my home, and women who have ignored me for the 4 years I’ve lived here started to strike up conversations. They kept wanting to know what was in the box. When I told them, they immediately asked if they could see the shirt. I had to fight them off just to make it home!Now I have the shirts at home, wrapped up and ready to go. But I keep unwrapping them as I am compelled to stare at their lupine beauty. My husband wants to know what I’m doing, locked up in the bathroom for so long. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I’ll let him continue to think I’m having gastric upsets of some sort. But I know that when the day comes when he opens the gift and dons the shirt for the first time, I will be unable to control myself. His manliness will exceed my expectations. I’m prepared, though. I also purchased a large crossbow and walking stick so if the neighbor women attempt to infiltrate my home and steal my hunk of manliness, they will have quite the challenge awaiting them.I don’t know what the shirt will do for my dad. I think he’s gotten it wrong all along. Every year, he’s bought some sexy little number for my mom, no matter what the occasion. She doesn’t like it, and I’m sure he’s never seen the desired outcome. If only he had known of the wolf shirt 20 years ago…but then, we would have seen the lingerie manufacturers go out of business if that had happened. And nothing is sadder than a teddy-maker having to beg for something to support his family. So maybe it’s good that the power of the wolf hasn’t been unleashed until 2009.

  3. 129


    If you haven’t heard or have been given privy to the awesomness that is me let me tell ya…I’m rad, super rad. I have always been and always wll be rad…to the max. I mean super fist pound-blow it up into elbow bump-blow up the sky with finger guns type of amazingly awesome. I always had the rad but I never had the gear to match.I tried it all. The bodyglove hypercolor type action. I’ve rocked the see through mesh net with bike gloves get up…thought I was onto something there. Heck, One time I even rocked a leather jacket sans tee shirt with blue chords and a snake chain…thats right a snake chain. I thought I told you I’m rad, listen up. But none of it felt enough. That is, till I found the three wolf moon shirt.Now I’m howllering. I am howllering hard…all over the place. My radness is all over my shirt and I’m howllering at the moon, strangers on the street, at cars….I’m even hollering at your ma and your girl. And if you aint careful I’m gonna holla at you. Three wolf, One moon, and my rad…howllering!

  4. 129

    Michael M. Witsil

    The cold damp fog tries to grab at my ankles as I make my way down the darkened alley where I stop at the doorway marked only by a flickering blue lamp. I knock softly three times; wait for two seconds and then twice again. The spy hole immediately opens and I can feel myself being visibly searched from my head to my toes. I see the eyes catch a glimpse of my Three Wolf Moon Tee shirt and then just the barest of a smile. Seconds later, I hear the sound of several dead bolts being released and I am welcomed into a vibrant room full of beautiful people. Led to my table by a beautifully tantalizing Oriental woman wearing a thigh high cut dress, I am immediately set upon by servants trying to catch a glimpse of my famously designed shirt. I cannot begin to believe my good fortune at just being admitted into the famous Che Le Torche Cabaret in Algiers. No questions asked, no cards required…Just service with a smile and almost a sense of reverence or perhaps I should say… awe. I am on my second straight tequila, when I sense the presence of someone standing at the edge of my table. A tall thin man in a while silk suit wearing a Panama hat wordlessly hands me a card with just one word on it.. ‘Omar’. He asks if he might join me. I quickly judge this is a man to be reckoned with after noticing the long scar running from the edge of his mouth to his right ear.’Why not? I reply.Before the evening is finished I will have found not a friend, but a new business partner, who is destined to make me a very rich man.The reason for my success?Simple… Omar tells me that he could determine I was a man to be trusted and that he could rely upon because of my discriminating taste by owning and actually wearing a Three Wolf Moon tee shirt in public.Life is very strange.

  5. 129


    OK, reading all the reviews here, I was thinking ‘Oh Boy, this is the T-Shirt for me’. Upon it’s arrival, I put the shirt on and went out on the town, expecting miracles, yet nothing happened. So I thought, maybe I ordered the wrong one, or they shipped me the wrong one…nope, checking all my documentation showed it was correct. So then I had the thought, maybe I’m doing something wrong, maybe it has to be worn when the moon’s full, yeah, that makes sense. So i waited patiently and tried that, nope, nada, zilch, nix…no awesomeness. Still not wanting to give up, I tried wearing it and only it, buck naked, under the full moon, howling, trying to bring the inner wolf in me out…even chased a few rabbits, and where I live, their is a plant we call ‘Jumping Cactus’, ever run around buck naked, in the middle of the night, trying to chase a rabbit…was not a good idea. So after a quick visit to the ER to remove cactus spines from all over my body, I thought I’d give it one more try. So again, next full moon, buck naked and this time, with my dogs along, thinking I had to have the pack. I did everything they did, sniffed what they sniffed, raised my leg on what they raised their legs on, rolled in what they rolled in, they sniffed my butt, I sniffed their butts (you know, tried to communicate to them in their own language)….sigh, still nothing great happened. So please, buyers beware, because apparently the magic of this shirt only works on certain people (or maybe it’s in certain areas)…hmm…maybe you need to do some Peyote or some other ancient concoction like that…maybe I’ll try that next. Until then, Good Luck my friends! 🙂

  6. 129

    Ryan H.

    I ordered this shirt as the perfect complement to the first prize wardrobe to be worn by the winner of our annual golf tournament. The winner is crowned ‘Big Dawg’ and what could possibly be more appropriate than the three wolves howling their victory song to that glorious moon.But I certainly was not prepared for the incredible powers that accompanied the shirt, despite reading all of the amazing reviews. It began with the ride down on the first day of the tournament in a rain that switched by the minute from a downpour to a drizzle and back. Approximately one hour before tee time I took the shirt from the bag to show it to a few admirers and, of course, the rain immediately stopped. Coincidence? Maybe, but read on my furry friends! Since I was in the final group to tee off, I carefully placed the shirt into the trunk of my car so as not to be visible to any scoundrel that might try to secure an edge during the match. As soon as the trunk lid closed, the drizzle began. And, as if to show me the folly of trying to lock away their powers, it began to rain steadily as I hit my first tee shot (poorly, of course). After making it’s point, and after I acknowledged to my partners that I was foolish to have doubted its powers, the rain subsided. While I scuffed my way through the front nine, I could not help but think about the boys in the car and decided to move them from the trunk to the driver’s seat; still hidden from view, but certainly a more appropriate place for my honored guests. Well, you can certainly imagine what happened next. Having simply touched the shirt I could feel the power surge and almost could not contain that power for the next two holes. I then went on to play out of my own body for the next five holes and suddenly had the strong feeling that I was actually challenging the field for the first time in 14 years!! Then, as quickly as it came upon me, I felt the wolves withdraw, as if to say ‘We told you so’!!! I went on to lose the match by a single stroke and a hard lesson was learned. Well, the winner gave a mighty howl upon donning the shirt which now bears the names of all of Big Dawgs past. It will remain as the greatest, most coveted prize and I am ordering a Three Wolves shirt for all past and future Big Dawgs in recognition of their dominance. I am hopeful that this will be the incentive for each and every player in years to come to strive to enter the realm of the Three Wolves. Thank you, men!!!Pros: Can be worn under any golf shirt and still retain its powers. Strongly recommend hitting the driving range first to be sure you can contain the power. Can alter the weather as needed.Cons: Has the power to exert its will, especially if locked away. May give prior winners an edge forever.

  7. 129


    I got this as a birthday present. The shirt was like 4 sizes too big for me, but I’m pretty good at sewing. I ripped out the neck, slit it down the front to a deep v, then capped the sleeves and put in darts to enhance my enhancements, cropped it to just below the bottom wolf so my belly would show but you can still see all 3 wolves, and I tapered the waist so it would be skin tight, then slit it halfway up my torso at the seams on both sides. You cannot believe how men fall over backwards looking at that shirt! Several have just offered me money out of the blue! ‘Will you take 50?’ is like the sentence I hear the most these days! And they always want me to get in their car, so that tells you just how powerful this shirt is. Giving me money isn’t enough, apparently they want to show me off too, but I’m just not that vain. I ordered another shirt, and I think with this one, I’ll just cut around the wolves and moon, so all that is there is that cool picture, and just leave enough T-Shirt (in strips) to tie it behind my back.

  8. 129

    Kristopher C. Grady

    You know, I’d read about the hype on the internet this shirt was causing, and I thought there was absolutely no way this was legitimate. I mean we’ve seen all the internet memes about keyboard cats and such garbage, but something about this shirt and the raves it was getting made me deathly curious. As a result I submitted the order, and although it arrived late (No doubt due to the HUGE demand being made for the product!) I was just as excited as I’m sure every other buyer of this product was, and immediately took it out of its Priority Mail packaging.Let me tell you something – having seen this shirt with my own eyes and tried it on for the first time, I vehemently declare all previous reviews about the product to be utter garbage. They are garbage because every single person so far has completely failed to convey into words the pure, concentrated amounts of awesome this shirt truly is. This is a shirt so compacted with stunning amounts of power that it is in fact a generator of dark matter. You will warp the fabric of space and time itself by wearing this clothing. And sexual prowess – you want to talk about base animal magnetism?! You want to talk about commanding the opposite sex like your personal pride of lionesses? This is the shirt you’ve been waiting for all your life. I have had so much sex since getting this shirt only HOURS ago in the mail, that I am now the defendant in 43 paternity suits. My wang has become spongy, purplish and bruised, and it may have PTSD from being inside so much vagina in such a short period of time. I’d go to a therapist, but who can I visit who won’t try to mate with me like the majestic big cats of the Serengeti? If anything I’ve been bombarded with too much too soon.This is a product that actually suffers one defect – it’s too effective! I mean, they could have at least left one wolf off and stuck with a pair, but THREE?! WHAT WERE THESE PEOPLE THINKING?! It’s a trifecta of unstoppable coolness. I’m just glad I don’t frequent the monster truck circuit or else I might have been punched out Grave Digger and fathered an army with the entire female population of Plattsmouth, NE.In conclusion be careful about what you read here about this shirt. People have tried to exalt it properly, and I think I have failed just as they have, sadly. If anything keep in mind that you will probably be charged with the crime of extreme sexiness if you wear this shirt, and you might end up with several STDs and so many children you’ll have to sell them all for medical experiments. Keep a lot of condoms and lube – you can never have enough lube. Trust me on this one.

  9. 129

    Precision tools

    After reading the glowing reviews of this shirt, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for it to arrive. I must admit, my expectations were pretty high, but I was absolutely blown away when I opened the package. I could almost hear the wolves howling as I released them from their imprisonment – these glorious, wild animals were never meant to be caged up in plastic wrap!Of course, I put the shirt on right then and there. It was strange – a warm feeling crept over my body from the center of my chest out towards my fingers, making them tingle. I shuddered, then ran out to the middle of my street and howled towards the sky – awwwwrrrrrrr!!! I don’t know what came over me, but I liked it.I don’t believe that this shirt helps you get girls, as I still am having no luck. I have been running a lot more since I got this shirt (coincidence?), so maybe I’ll be able to lose some weight and start looking really sexy! I guess that a shirt alone can’t make you attractive, but it sure does help me feel better about myself!I give this shirt a 10/10 and my highest recommendation.

  10. 129


    Ladies don’t underestimate the allure of the three Wolves t-shirt. I bought my boyfriend this t-shirt for his birthday, he only likes the finer things and so I knew he would like this shirt.The first time he wore it was to my sister’s wedding. He was very careful and took the shirt off during the reception because he did not want to spill Mad Dog 20/20, or BBQ sauce on it.On our way home, we stopped by the Quickie-Mart because I was out of bunion cream. I noticed that he was talking to Jimmi-Sue she is the Assistant Manager Trainee and my best friend. We have known each other since beauty school.To make a long story short the next day after I got home from work at Treasured Creatures Taxidermy Boutique, I found a letter that he had high tailed it out of town with Jimmie-Sue.So ladies while this is a fine looking shirt, I would not recommend buying for your man.

  11. 129

    bob bobbington

    This shirt is absolutely AMAZING!I arrived home after a long drive from the plant to see a strange man standing next to my door, it was the UPS delivery man protecting my package from thieves and bandits likely to try and swipe it if they knew what the package contained. Upon him handing it over I noticed that package was bulging and growling. I immediately kicked the door to my trailer open and ripped open my package to discover the most amazing product manufactured by men, my three-wolf moon tee-shirt.Upon carefully removing the protective cellophane cover, I noticed the smell of ozone and motor oil emanating from the shirt. The wolves seemed to dance for me as their intoxicating odor crept deeper into my lungs. I fell into a trance and began to slip the shirt on. I felt wave upon wave of intense heat as the incredibly detailed wolves pressed closer against my skin. Walking towards the door, I noticed my reflection in the broken mirror I keep near my urine-stained bathroom. To my amazement I had instantaneously grown a mullet of the likes known only to Joe Dirt.With my great haircut and newly discovered manliness, I walked outside to borrow the neighbor’s pink BMX. I had to get to the Red Lobster and see what this baby could do. As I began to peddle I heard honking and hooting from the entire trailer park, dogs were barking, cats meowing, and shirtless bums running towards me in awe. I stood high on said BMX and peddled fast, faster than I ever could before!Once the door to the `Lobster swung open automatically I realized just how powerful I had become. The hawt waitress with the leopard print leggings offered me a canned beer from her `personal stash’. She recommended the crab legs, I growled, she obeyed.Within minutes the entire female staff came to ask me about my shirt and the gorgeous style I was sporting on my once-bald head. There was no need for words, the red flare in my eyes and constant bark from my chest answered all. I ravaged my meal while being careful not to overfeed my wolves. I prepared to exit, but there was some unfinished business. I whistled to my leopard print lover, grabbed her by the arm, and engulfed her entire face with my crab-soaked `stache. She immediately threw her apron down, flicked off her boss, and jumped on me piggy-back style.The rest my friends, is history.

  12. 129


    Like many of you, I donned the 3-wolf shirt before heading out onto the town to meet Supermodels and experience the magic. The very first place I walked into was a vegetarian breakfast shop in Chicago… Upon entering, I was asked to show my permit for the shirt. The city of Chicago has clearly been devastated by the powers and affects of the shirt to be policing its use in public. I explained my status of being from California and that everyone should back off! They did. I also ordered my breakfast with bacon, sausage, and a side of raw cow.During my flight back to California a wing was ripped from the plane. Normally everyone would have been screaming for their lives amid such a disaster. That would be normal. However, the 3-wolf shirt is not normal. In fact, the pilot was able to complete the trip San Diego and land the plane – all praising the shirt, and me, for wearing it.

  13. 129


    i can say with 100% certainty this shirt has powers and abilities which are unknown to even the deepest scholars/seekers of truth. i have heard from unconfirmed sources that the this shirt has so much power the catholic church has issued a decree of instant excommunication for those who are caught wearing it! after i put this shirt on for the first time, i felt like i was living in an out of body experience…my color blindness was instantly cured, i had the strength of a grizzly bear, the eye sight of a lion, and reflexes like chuck norris. in addition to my new superhuman powers, i noticed that all the ladies were flocking to me and were literally pushing each other out of the way so they could give me their phone numbers. before i had this shirt, i did not know that the iphone had a maximum number of entries, but it is now maxed out with hot chick’s numbers! if you are considering changing your life around, seriously consider this shirt as a major turning point!

  14. 129


    It’s official- my 3 wolf shirt came today and as soon as I took it out of the box my dog ran under the bed to hide from its power. So I gave it a once-over inspection and put it over my head. I instantly felt the spirit of the wolves coarsing through my veins and as soon as I had both arms through the sleeves my wife called and said she had a sudden urge to make love to me.Yep, life’s better with 3 wolves.

  15. 129

    Mr. Staack

    So I pulled the shirt out of the box and my wife starts laughing–‘You’re not a medium anymore! Should I send you this article about ‘vanity sizes’?’ Then I put the shirt on, and you know what happened–she got frisky immediately. Oh those Mississippi girls. To cut a long story short (and usually it’s a short story!), she was soon forced to admit that after putting on the shirt I was no longer ‘medium’ where it matters, if you know what I’m saying. If you don’t know, try the shirt. She won’t be disappointed.

  16. 129

    Adam J. Hand

    There I was trapped in a Brokeback Mountain marriage when the alter ego of my favorite son’s twin brother sent me this 100% cotton miracle! I put it on that day and moonlight started seeping right into my skin, I could feel the power of the shirt!Right away the three wolves, (that’s right, not just one wolf, not two wolves, but three wolves) started weaving their magic! At night when the moon was up I could hear the faint clicking of their freshly manicured nails on the floor and could hear the pack’s quiet singing of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme music as they munched on their kettle corn and lapped at their mountain dew.Then in the third month, on the night of the full moon, I took my last look at the useless lump next to me. I sighed, rolled over and went to sleep. In the morning I was awakened by the overwhelming scent of cucumber body spray; out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of rainbows dancing across the wall of my doublewide and I knew! Lump was gone! The trio of she-wolves had freed me!As it turns out he had run off with a carny to San Antonio. But there is no doubt in my mind that it was the magic of my cherished (100% cotton) three wolves and moon t-shirt that had given me my life back!So ladies, let there be no uncertainty that this shirt works for women too. So run, get online and order yourself the most powerful shirt on earth. Be sure to order one for all your BFFs too. Get the shirt and lose the lump.

  17. 129


    Excellent Product

  18. 129


    Now I must admit, reading all these life changing reviews from my rural brethren, as a city boy I felt that the magical powers this shirt possessed would not carry over into my urban lifestyle. I WAS WRONG. I grew up in NY and am now living in Washington DC, the nearest Walmart is about an hour from me and the metro doesn’t go there so it is not within my reach, I have a full set of teeth, have never watched a NASCAR race and have never dated anyone with my last name. You are probably asking yourself, why then would I buy this item. Let me just say why wouldn’t I? This garment is by far the most amazing item I have ever donned. The second it arrived I began to feel a little more rugged and tough, all of a sudden I wanted to look past my designer suits and tailored shirts and put this bad boy on, and I did. I’ll never forget the expression of my clients when I wore it to my first business meeting, a look of awe/admiration/amazement took over their faces and the women wept. By the time the meeting ended every guy in the room asked where I got the shirt, I now know what it feels like to be in a conversation where everyone is staring at your chest. Not once but more like 7 times I had to say ‘wait, please, my eyes are up here.’ And this was only the first day it arrived.I cannot say enough about this shirt, the fit, finish and I don’t even need to mention the style, are top notch, it warms my heart that something so fine can still be MADE IN THE USA! In conclusion I say buy this shirt, if you fancy yourself a patriot and you LOVE AMERICA, then you MUST buy this shirt.God Bless America and God Bless the Wolf Shirt!

  19. 129


    Nice for the money

  20. 129

    Gary Prentice

    I should confess, I was doubtful of the surreal reviews this item has received. Nevertheless, I anxiously awaited its arrival, and when it did indeed come, I immediately put it on. Nothing could ever have prepared me for the challenges that would lie ahead.With a mere glance I could disarm legions. Pheromones emanating from my glands would attract many. Daily pilgrimages would take place at my porch. The faithful would not dwindle in number. Before long, nations bowed before me. I gave strength and victory to my subjects, and my enemies were trampled by my fury. My abode was inundated by the adulation and praise of the multitude.Yet, something was amiss.Every other article of clothing is in its very essence useless when paired with the shirt. It is the seal of perfection; ergo, wearing it with anything else makes the betrayal all the more despicable. But I could not walk around in the nude, with only a shirt to cover me. I had to reconsider my outfit. I had to take off the shirt.What horrid mistake.The spiritual anguish induced by that act cannot be described. Each loathsome fault and blemish is magnified, as if I had committed the most adulterous deed. Oh what vile, contemptible treachery had I just committed? Looking at the shirt, I realized the futility of my existence apart from its presence. How long would it take before the awareness of absolute and total abandonment and separation instilled sheer terror in my very soul?If only I could find a Three Wolf Moon pair of jeans, then perhaps the wound will heal, the agony will abate.

  21. 129

    Jake Ziegler

    I am a natural skeptic. Quite frankly, I would say I am–scratch that, I WAS a pessimist; needless to say, this has all changed for me now. The glass IS half full! In fact, while wearing the 3-wolf, 1-moon T-shirt your glass is destined to over-floweth (while wearing this shirt, you would be better served to leave the cup at home and bring a keg instead)! I could go on and on, giving you all of the wildly fantastic, juicy details about my experiences while wearing this delicately woven, masterfully screen-printed, flaw-erasing, junk-enhancing, soul-inspring, butt-tucking, pec-exploding, masterpiece of a mystical garment to the 4th of July carnival–but would you believe them? Could you believe them? No; I doubt it’s humanly possible to fully grasp. I doubt even Chuck Norris could fathom the mysticalities that surround this T-shirt; however, I bet he owns one and it will only be a matter of time before he figures them out! If you don’t mind getting your socks rocked–buy one; otherwise, spend the rest of your life being tormented by the perpetually nagging, unanswered question: ‘what if’?

  22. 129

    J. Smith

    Once I saw this shirt, I knew immediately that it would become the new uniform of the Echo Company officer corps. Upon donning the shirt, any of the 4 officers will immediately grow a mullet, lambchop sideburns and whatever leg wear the person is currently wearing will transform into jean shorts, to allow rapid leg movement, like a wolf; a side effect of the adrenaline and testosterone surge the body undergoes as a result of wearing the shirt.If by some unimaginable circumstance, whomever is wearing the shirt is unable to consume an entire 12 pack of Milwaukee’s Best, he need only to look up at the moon and howl for the other 3 officers to sense his need of companionship and camaraderie and come to the rescue.Without the shirt, much like the green lantern with his ring, captain america minus the shield, and/or a walmart greeter without his blue apron, the members of the Echo Wolfpack are utterly powerless, but with the shirt, anything is possible. When wearing the shirt, you get so excited, your heart flutters and your throat clenches, you have the voice of an angel. Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.4 stars for the incredible power the wearer of the shirt wields, but not 5 because the price of nearly $12 means I can only afford my usual meal of microwaved hotdogs, ramen noodles and walmart brand cola ‘Dr.Thunder’ 4 nights a week instead of 5.Thank you to the designers, I would follow you into the mists of Avalon.~Hahnjob

  23. 129


    I received my Three Wolf Moon shirt today . As I walked into the post office I noticed every postal employee standing around my box. They were drooling like zombies . I walked toward my box with key in hand. The postal workers parted like the red sea and started quietly chanting. As I opened the box a female postal worker screamed in the background and I could hear her lifeless body hit the floor. I removed my package then tore it open with my one good tooth. I could feel the power radiate from inside, it was more intense then sleeping with your own cousin. As I touched the shirt with my fingertips I instantly had the largest erection of my life. My head started to spin from the lack of blood but I still had the energy to remove the shirt and slide it on. It was a XXXL but seemed to shrink to fit my Medium form. I turned to the remaining post office workers and smiled at them. Instantly every man standing around me exploded leaving nothing but a light red mist . I walked past the poor dead woman on the floor and winked at the body. Her thighs started to shake and with a scream she was alive again . Only moments later gave birth to triplets on the floor. The children were all age 7 with mullets and I named them after different brands of beer. Understanding the power of the wolf shirt more , I touched the woman on the cheek and she instantly died again. The wolf shirt giveth and the wolf shirt taketh away. Hours later I have accidently killed 43 men with the awesomeness of the shirt. I have also had a erection that seems to never end. I have sex with a woman , she gives birth to multiple children then dies. The power of this shirt is amazing…but be warned. I am now the father of 56 children over the age of 5 with mullets that drink all of my beer. Use the shirt wisely.

  24. 129

    M. Romero

    The shirt offers mystical powers not for the faint of heart. Back in July, my four wheeler flipped and broke my leg. Lucky for me, I was wearing my wolf t-shirt. All I remember is that while looking at the sky, I began to hear the sounds of drums and chanting in the distance. Within a few hours I was driving around again with beer in hand. No doubt, the shirt gave powers of healing to recover from the injury.A few weeks after that, I was standing in line at Hardees when the sweetest little thing caught my eye. I remember like it was yesterday. There she was, slightly worn daisy dukes, dirty pink flip flops, long blonde hair, and almost a full smile. She could have had any guy in there, until she saw my wolf shirt and was powerless. Now that I got her, looking forward to expanding my pack and have some more little wolf cubs.One more thing, I have heard some pack members report running into local trouble with the law. Be sure to check out local regulations regarding public marking of your territory. To all of my current and future pack mates, adorn your shirts and display your alpha status, proudly.

  25. 129


    My wife and I read about the amazing power of the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt (TWMTS) just in time to procure this awesome source of healing power for her brother. He just turned 40, and between the orthodontic complaints, joint pain, and loud snoring he was approaching the ‘over the hill’ state at an alarming velocity. We bought the TWMTS in a last, desperate attempt to bring him back to a normal rate of aging. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that just having this shirt in our house with the INTENTION of giving the shirt to my brother-in-law, he started to feel the effects of TMWTS power. His totally hot and awesome girlfriend, making other aspects of the TWMTS power unecessary, called to tell us that for the first time in years she slept through the night. TWMTS cured his snoring FROM a GREAT DISTANCE!!!!! And, in a recent visit to the orthodontist, he discovered his teeth are straightening at a much more rapid rate than orthodontic science can explain. Even more amazing, he appears to be growing new cartilage in his knees, making all his pathetic, old-man excuses for not running a thing of the past. Just think what will be possible for him when we actually give him the shirt!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, TWMTS, thank you!!!!!!!

  26. 129


    100% true review!!!! So, I heard the hype; read the posts; smiled, laughed, and cried. Then I decided to purchase the shirt for myself as a Christmas gift. Got it home just in time for Christmas. I placed another, less worthy, shirt on top to hide the surprise from my girl. Minuts prior to the unveiling, the lesser shirt took a snag. Dangit-owned it less than 30 minutes and already a hole. Interesting enough-the 3 wolf moon was undamaged. I sat beside my girlfriend telling the story of the snag and she had me remove the lesser shirt. She saw the 3 wolf moon, and words could not describe the look on her face. She was… unable to formulate words into sentences. She quickly gathered needle and thread and began working on my lesser garmet. There basking in the light of my 3 wolf moon, my girl-for the first time ever-sewed my clothing. Tomorrow, I’m gonna see if the 3 wolf moon can get her to graduate to ironing and then perhaps cooking and cleaning. Thank you 3 wolf moon.

  27. 129


    I bought this for a friend for Christmas as a joke. Little did I know, this shirt does NOT mess around. This particular friend hasn’t ever had the opportunity to become intimate with a woman.I made the handoff on Christmas eve when I picked him up at the airport. Before he even unwrapped the box, a group of cheerleaders walked by and at least four of them smiled and winked at him. He opened it in the car and almost instantly, my car got lit up by a trooper. I wasn’t speeding, I wasn’t swerving, and I wasn’t acting suspicious. I curbed the car and the trooper approached. It was a female. She took one look at my friend and asked him to get out of the car. For the next forty-five minutes, I sat on the side of the road. He came back wearing only the shirt and a pair of boxers, and wouldn’t say a word. He looked terrified.We drove on in silence for a period of time, until I dared ask’Are you okay?”No. I’m never going to be okay again.’Do you think it was the shirt?”What?”The… The wolf shirt. Did she say anything about it?”Dude, she… She made a bunch of really bad ‘present’ and ‘Santa’s bag’ puns, then… She did. She told me to keep it on.”Oh Christ, the myths are true.’I was of course referring to the myth of the Three Wolf Moon Curse. As it turns out, underneath a microscope, this shirt isn’t just a cotton t-shirt, but woven between the threads of premium top-grade cotton are strands made of pure sex. The Mountain has somehow taken the essence of lovemaking and imbued them into this premium cloth product. Take this as a warning, anyone who buys this shirt. You also might want to buy hip waders and a can of mace. I’ll let you figure out why.

  28. 129

    R. Hope

    I received my first 3 Wolf Moon shirt approximately a year ago, and was a bit dubious about it’s claimed ‘powers’. However, the moment I put it on, I felt stronger, more intimditaing, and certainly more magical/omnipotent/confident/wizard-like. I finally mastered my double back-handspring flying switch kick attack, and developed some unheard-of glowstick nunchuck skills. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunate in some ways, my 3 Wolf Moon shirt was stolen by a (clearly) jealous, feeble-minded lost soul in need of the wolf powers with which this shirt is endowed. I then purchased the glow-in-the-dark version of this shirt, and have never looked back. There was once a time while wearing this shirt that I was approached by a smallish, yet still intimidating, coven of demons. The glow power in combination with the wolf-y presence of my shirt repelled the forces and allowed me enough time to break my glowsticks into activation, and then nunchuck them into the ground, at which point I delivered a killing blow with my back pocket holy-water-infused-American Flag demon stake.You need this shirt.

  29. 129


    A testimony of it’s greatness.(a true story)I bought the three wolf T shirt for my little brother. He was in a dead end job trying to make a glow in the dark cat ( Mr Green Genes). The cat made it on TV, Good Morning America, my brother did not. This was typical of his life before 3WT (3 Wolf T-Shirt).I was worried that the shirt was too big for him, but with its magical powers. He filled into the shirt like the incredible Hulk, after being made very, very angry. The amount of new muscle mass was amazing.Anyway, after putting on the 3WT. That was when his life changed.He was offered a 6 figure job and took it. He moved from hurricane ravaged New Orleans to Cambridge Mass. He married a beautiful actress. And has gone from making green glow in the dark cats to finding a cure for Thalassemia.Some of the unknown powers of the 3 Wolf T shirt.First you can not write 3 wolf T Shirt with out it self capitalizingSecond, the effects of the shirt lasts long after it’s been removed, sort of like bleaching your skin. For example after wearing the shirt all summer, your skin will be bleached where the shirt has been, while the rest of your body will be bronzed. Thus it has the power to make you look like a farmer.I know that he thinks that it was all his hard work and a little bit of luck, but deep down I know it is the powers of the three wolf T shirt.

  30. 129

    Prepared for Zombies

    Great summer color, Oy-Another Polish Joke!!!

  31. 129

    DB BluBlock Productions

    loved it.

  32. 129


    Best product on the market

  33. 129

    Daniel Madrigal

    My little sister was absolutely elated when she opened it up on Christmas. I think it really gets the message across, Jesus Christ is the Reason for the Season. She told me that she wears it with a Ron Paul pin and that all her My Little Pony fan friends are extremely jealous of her fashionable garment. She took a picture of it and uploaded it to Reddit. She has stopped wearing makeup ever since receiving the shirt because the nature of wolves brings out her natural, inner beauty. It is truly remarkable.10/10 would do. Again.P.S. She has been friendzoned, I don’t know why? Nice guys finish last. 🙁

  34. 129


    I will always remember the day my Three Wolf Moon shirt arrived. From the moment I put it on, I knew my life had changed. Its effects on the opposite sex are well documented in other reviews, but I did not expect the astonishing increase in mental acuity that I have experienced. My first clue of this was when my daughter asked me the value of pi, and I instantly calculated it out to 1000 digits of precision. Furthermore, I found that the value we have been using for centuries is actually wrong! I have also discovered the most marvelous proof that P != NP, but unfortunately it will not fit into the space allotted for this review. I can also read street signs and billboards from a quarter-mile away, and can understand what birds are saying when they sing. I will be ordering more Three Wolf Moon shirts as I only have these abilities when actually wearing the shirt. So I need enough of them to wear every day!On a more mundane level, it’s a comfortable fit, good-quality material, and nice artwork. Definitely an eye-catching shirt.

  35. 129


    I have a few shirts from this company now. They are high quality, and the graphics are very vibrant and detailed. Lots of good designs. Love the artwork on this one.

  36. 129


    I bought this shirt and had to wear it backwards, due to the attraction of the awesomeness and the gloriousness of the power it radiates. Now I have a large group of women following me everywhere I go.Pros:1) Awesomeness2) Gloriousness3) Three wolves4) Moon5) HowlingCons:1) The constant howling hurts my ears.2) The moon is a little bright when I am trying to sleep in my three wolves’ shirt.3) I have been asked not to wear it in Wal-Mart due to the distractions.

  37. 129



  38. 129


    Bought this t-shirt for my son, who is of slender build. However, I wish the neckline wasn’t so tight.I decided to wash the shirt before giving to my son to wear – in the hope that the neckline will stretch somewhat.

  39. 129


    I really love the space that it has and itÕs small enough to carry anywhere! I hope every army is able to get one!

  40. 129


    Great product and service

  41. 129


    Great product!

  42. 129

    Sue D.

    I Love my Three Wolves Howling at the Moon infant shirt!!! When I first got it, I was unsure how it would fit on me. However, once I placed it on my torso, I noticed an immediate impact. Suddenly I was transformed into a god among infants. I went from crawling to running my first 5k instantly. Daddy was also unable to contain me, as i now carry him in a Baby Bjorn. Mommy loves it too. She now enjoys strolls around the neighborhood from the comfort and safety of the stroller while i do the pushing. As for the dogs, well let’s just say they get plenty of exercise during our morning wind sprints. As for the ladies they are powerless in resisting my manliness. They flock to me like salmon to Capistrano. This shirt could only be improved by the addition of a fourth wolf…or perhaps a squatch.

  43. 129

    Octdocterly Herbologisk

    Looks good! Authentic

  44. 129

    Michael M. Witsil

    Very good.

  45. 129

    Thomas A.

    Well made!!!

  46. 129


    Embrace it. Don’t just wear it, this shirt is a lifestyle. I’ve opted to make mine really, even more special (if it were possible) by shredding the sleeves into t-shirt fringe and now I am truly one with beast. I feel like I’m becoming more of a spiritual person because of this shirt.

  47. 129


    Upon receiving this garment i could feel the magic touch my insides. I would describe how it felt further, but there are no words that do it justice. Since owning…IÕm sorry….since beginning my partnership with this shirt my i have been on many mystical adventures. Some of which i cannot legally speak of. The shirt and I have since gone our separate ways. It did its job. I did mine…i lived. I highly recommend this shirt to anyone who likes life and wants to experience heaven. Thank you to the gods above for allowing us to be a part of this shirts existence.

  48. 129



  49. 129


    Just as shown very happy with it.

  50. 129

    Prepared for Zombies

    The best thing about this shirt has been the money I am saving. I was able to cancel my subscription for Extenze and have not paid for sex in over a year.I did keep my subscription to Dollar Shave Club.PS-I recommend doing what I did, and cutting off the sleeves off. I wear this to the Vegas Pool clubs, and let’s just say I have ‘double downed’ on the amount of women that approach me.Thanks 3 Wolf Moon!

  51. 129


    We all know at this point this shirt has pretty high expectations associated with it. I put in on my 3.5 year old son, and there is just enough room for him to grow into it. Which is all fine and good, but when I was helping him change into his PJ’s later that night, I noticed a thick, yet luxurious, patch of chest hair where his previously baby-smooth skin used to be (think Burt Reynolds-meets-Wolverine). I didn’t want to alarm him, so I let him keep the shirt on all night. This may have been a mistake. The next morning when I went to wake him up, his voice had lowered 2 octaves, he had a full moustache, and, well, his pull-up was quite full, if you know what I mean. It may have been ‘too much too soon’ for the poor guy, so I made him change his shirt. Things seem to be going back to normal after several days of non-Three Wolf Moon shirts, but he keeps asking for it. Small doses is best. I feel like I am now a better father because of this shirt.

  52. 129


    Love it!

  53. 129

    Rev. Alvin Guzman

    I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he just loves it. They work great! Thanks for sending it so quickly too

  54. 129


    Just got them in the mail today. Immediately used them on a client. Cut like Butter and I didn’t have to adjust them. I been cutting hair and doing designs for couple years. These are by far one of the best clippers! The reason why I got them was because of the Motor. Stayed cool and handled nice. Very satisfied! Highly recommend this to any Barber!

  55. 129


    Let me tell you about this shirt. Pull up to the Starbucks window to grab my Venti White-Chocolate mocha (extra shot of espresso), when I am suddenly complimented by the drive through woman…’Hey, awesome wolf shirt.’ Cassity says, in a flirtatious manner.’Thanks, I think I relate to them. You know you could be an honorary wolf if you want.’ I reply.’What wolf would you be?’ questioned Cassity.’The one on the top, which one do you want to be?’ I question, inquiringly.’The one on the bottom.’ answering quickly…I laugh. Said our goodbyes and I sped away; she is just another dame to me since I’ve had this shirt.She recognized just how ALPHA I was just by seeing my shirt, she instantly knew where she wanted to be. On the bottom. If you need a great conversation starter, or want to attract females into your wolf-pack, this is the shirt for you.

  56. 129


    good vest for golf or walking when wind is chilly. Size as expected for XL. Washes well although a bit wrinkled out of the dryer.

  57. 129


    Pros: This shirt doesn’t just make you feel like more of a man, it actually makes you more of a man.Cons: My wife hates this shirt, as every time I put it on, she turns into a sandwich-making love-slave.

  58. 129

    Fancy Red Fox

    Gift for son. He loves wolves, he has quite the collection now. Great t- shirt, for birthday present for May birthday.

  59. 129


    I’ve worn this shirt three out of the four days I’ve had it. I have noticed woman physically going out of their way to ensure I noticed them after I began wearing this shirt. I’m a married man and I respect the vows of my marriage. With that being said, this shirt is probably better for a single young man looking for a fun time on the red moon lite district. This shirt literally has some serious mystical powers. I bought it mostly for the durability of the quality 100% cotton. I was unaware of the powers which have been majestically woven into the thread itself. The three wolves on the front of the shirt are the main epicenter for an overwhelming orgasmic eye pleasing experience.I kind of feel as though this shirt chose me, and not the other way around. I understand there will be non-believers, but I speak from the most sincerity. Thank you for allowing me to share this euphoric experience with you all.

  60. 129


    Top Ten Joe Simon Sound Stage 7 hits (1966-70), soul and pop [highest placement in Billboard, Cash Box or Record World]:1)’The Chokin’ Kind’ (1969) [#1 soul (3 wks) / #11 pop] – certified gold record / 1969 Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance2)’Farther On Down the Road’ (1970) [#7 soul / #56 pop]3)’Yours Love’ (1970) [#10 soul / #74 pop]4)'(You Keep Me) Hangin’ On’ (1968) [#11 soul / #25 pop]5)’Moonwalk, Part 1′ (1970) [#11 soul / #40 pop]6)’Teenager’s Prayer’ (1966) [#11 soul / #66 pop]7)’Baby, Don’t Be Looking in My Mind’ (1969) [#16 soul / #51 pop]8)’My Special Prayer’ (1967) [#17 soul / #87 pop]9)’Nine Pound Steel’ (1967) [#19 soul / #70 pop]10)’No Sad Songs’ (1968) [#22 soul / #48 pop]Top double-sided record: ‘It’s Hard to Get Along/ [#26 soul / #87 pop] ‘San Francisco Is a Lonely Town’ (1969) [#29 soul / #76 pop]To say that Joe Simon (he of the instantly recognizable, broad-ranged, plaintive baritone) was the mainstay of Nashville’s R&B/soul label Sound Stage 7 would be quite the understatement given that of the label’s 22 nationally charting records Simon had 19 of them, while no other SS7 artist had more than two. Plus, he took home SS7’s only Grammy, beating out Ray Charles, B.B. King, Jerry Butler and Lou Rawls in 1969 for Best Male R&B Vocal Perfomance of the year. He went on to greater chart heights in the 1970s for the Spring label where he had 19 Top 20 soul hits (including a pair of number ones) and four that crossed over into the pop Top 20.This present double-disc set on the Airline label (with 36 tracks and a duration of 96:15) contains both sides of 17 singles recorded during his five-year (1966-70) stint at Sound Stage 7, plus five choice cuts taken from three 1968-69 LPs. (If these numbers don’t quite add up, it’s because three of the B-sides were used twice.) The track sequencing across both discs is chronological (which I prefer), and the mono sound mastering is very good. Author Bill Dahl’s seven pages of liner notes are top-notch, as always, as he recounts Simon’s life story from rural Louisiana to the Bay Area (where as a teen he went from gospel to doo-wop to R&B), to becoming a ‘reluctant soul star’ who gladly gave it up after 30+ years to go full-time and permanently into religion, now leading his own ministries in the south suburbs of Chicago as Bishop Joe Simon. Dahl uses Simon’s 2013 autobiography as a principal source, as he weaves in any number of fascinating and surprising quotes from the artist himself. The booklet has no listing per se of songwriting or other credits, since Dahl’s thorough and informative notes covering each and every track obviate the need for one.As a purchaser of multiple Joe Simon records starting in 1968, I have long been aware that a significant amount of the material he recorded for Nashville’s Sound Stage 7 label came from country-music sources. As a matter of fact, of the 12 hits listed above, five came from the pens of country songwriters, including three of his four biggest: Harlan Howard’s ‘The Chokin’ Kind’ had been a #8 country hit for Waylon Jennings in 1967; ‘Yours Love’ had reached #5 country for Jennings in early ’69, while also getting to #9 a few months later as a Porter Wagoner-Dolly Parton duet; and in ’67, ‘Hangin’ On’ had been the Gosdin Brothers’ only Top 40 country hit. Simon was effortlessly effective in his naturally countrified Southern-soul hybrid style during this period; and thus is an excellent exemplar for the current British Ace Records anthology series called ‘Where Country Meets Soul.’ His ‘Chokin’ Kind’ ranks as the third biggest country-to-soul crossover hit of all time after Ray Charles’s ‘I Can’t Stop Loving You’ (1962) [a 1958 Don Gibson song] and Joe Hinton’s ‘Funny How Time Slips Away’ (1964) [a Willie Nelson song which became a minor 1961 country hit for Billy Walker].In addition to the two-part dance tune ‘Moonwalk’ (there’s an amusing liner-notes story about this one), Joe Simon wrote or co-wrote several other sides featured here (a majority of them B-sides); mostly propulsive, hard-charging ones done in pure R&B style and sung consistently in his highest register. ‘It’s Hard to Get Along’ is an urgent, pounding Simon-penned masterpiece that showcases his gospel roots in a secular manner that is fairly intense. Contrast that with its flip side, the smooth, sad ballad ‘San Francisco Is a Lonely Town’ (penned and originally recorded by Nashville country writer Ben Peters), which features Simon’s most mellow and plaintive baritone.This set now stands as the all-time best Joe Simon Sound Stage 7 singles CD collection.

  61. 129

    John Huff

    I had one of these growing up and now that I needed one for muscle spastisicy (sp?) I was taken back to when I was much younger and had one. An amazingly well thought out design and just as the one of my youth, it does well with any tobacco. ~M

  62. 129


    Once I apply the magical wolves fabric to my chest, my mullet grew like Odin’s beard, my rusted T-top Firebird turned sweet candy apple red and my White Snake tape started playing its body moving melodies once again. God life is good!

  63. 129


    My boyfriend who’s already very hot bought it and wore it and he now looks even hotter, I can’t resist him. This shirt has powers!

  64. 129

    Rev. Alvin Guzman

    I bought this shirt as part of my Halloween costume. My best hopes were that it delivered the promise of turning me into a wolf. If not I figured I’d still have a bitchin’ shirt to wear to the Halloween party. Instead I was transformed into a disappointed Golden Retriever. On the bright side I got a bunch of belly rubs from attractive women.

  65. 129

    Charlie __

    This is the second soft cage I have, my dog having outgrown (unexpectedly) the first one by a few inches. I want him to be able to sit upright without having to bend the head down.My dog doesn’t try to fight his way out of the cage, even though he doesn’t like it. If he did, he would tear the fabric in a flash. So this is not for every dog. But it’s perfect for mine. When I leave, he just lies down and sleeps. When I’m back, since he doesn’t use it otherwise, I fold it away. Takes less than a minute.

  66. 129

    Koenig Atlas

    I love the way this necklace falls around my neck/chest. It pairs well with almost any outfit without being over the top. It is lightweight and durable. I like that it is made from real freshwater pearls. Very beautiful set.

  67. 129


    Gift for my 13 year old grandson. He loves it. Wore it right away.

  68. 129


    The best shirt a real man can get.

  69. 129

    Gary Prentice

    I gave this as a gift to someone who lost her dog as sort of a memorial. She loved it. I would recommend this highly.

  70. 129


    Currently running the country side with a pack of wolves after having put on this shirt. Will review later

  71. 129

    Darth Tater

    This band is gorgeous I love it so much. ItÕs origibal, good quality, super cute and very comfy. I absolutely recommend it.

  72. 129

    Alex Duenas

    I have become my own Dwight Schrute. 15/10.

  73. 129

    Dingo Bongo

    Received this shirt just in time for my job interview. After seeing my awesome attire, the interviewing manager offered me his job. Of course I accepted. I asked what he was going to do now? He said he would like to post for the position that I had came in to interview for. I told him that he was not qualified, but I did wish him well in his future endeavors.

  74. 129

    Precision tools

    When I first heard of Pink Sugar, I was skeptical. Many reviews said it smelled just like cotton candy, and I wasn’t sure I would like that. However, we all know that fragrances smell different on everyone, so I always like to try things myself before I judge them. After wondering about it for a while, I got a chance to sample it a couple of weeks ago. When I smelled it in the bottle and on a sample paper, I wasn’t that impressed and thought it was just okay. Once I put it on my skin, however, my opinion changed greatly for the better.For me, it does not smell exactly like cotton candy. The cotton candy is there, sure…but there’s so much more to it. There’s a bit of warm vanilla, there’s a hint of berry, and there’s a nice soft base of slightly powdery musk. I’ve seen in reviews that some people think it smells like strawberry candy – I didn’t get that AT ALL. I can detect a tiny hint of berry in there, but to me it smells nothing like strawberry candy. It does not smell ‘kiddie’ or ‘too young’ to me. It is definitely a very feminine scent, but it’s also sexy and sophisticated. It smells yummy, but it doesn’t make you smell exactly like food. The funny thing about Pink Sugar is that it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what it smells like. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what it smells like – I’ve heard cookies, cake, frosting, vanilla, and sweet musk. For me, it doesn’t smell just like any of these things, but rather is its very own scent. With my body chemistry, the musk base becomes more pronounced. It smells like a good quality fragrance, not a cheap sugary body spray. It’s not overwhelming, but it lasts. I put on one spray in the morning, and I can still smell it on myself at bedtime. I also love to spray it on my pillows, it’s a very comforting fragrance for me.I think Pink Sugar might be my new signature scent. I have a hard time finding fragrances I really like on myself – I hate most florals, super fruity scents tend to smell wrong on me, and most oriental type scents tend to be a bit too ‘old’ and intense. Pink Sugar is great – not too old, not too young, not too heavy, not too light. It’s definitely one I would recommend trying for yourself – you might be pleasantly surprised by it, like I was! I bought the 3.4 oz bottle, and I intend to pick up the lotions and bath products next.

  75. 129


    I’m a huge Star Wars fan and this is my favorite! It’s really good quality and sticks very well! It’s worth the money and was delivered in 4 days!!! I was very surprised! I pug it on my water bottle and it looks awesome! Great product for any die hard Star Wars fan! 🙂

  76. 129

    Hiro M.

    As I slid this shirt over my head for the first time, I was greeted with a blinding flash of light and a thunderclap that caused not only the wolves prowling the area to howl but all the neighborhood dogs as well. The dormant spiritual power that had long been asleep inside my soul was awakened, an-all consuming fire that is both great and terrible.Even now, long after I have placed it in the wash after spilling ketchup on it, I can feel the embers of my spirit waiting to rise once again into an inferno that spares none in its path.

  77. 129


    Excellent High Quality Product! Very nice robust design with a great cutting edge. ItÕs easy to fill and use, holds all our craft tapes and my kids love using it. Highly recommended!

  78. 129

    Boney Maroney

    I purchased this shirt recently after reading some amazing reviews about this shirt summoning magical powers. Those reviews weren’t kidding around!I wore my three wolf shirt for the first time on August 21st, 2017 and the most amazing thing occurred.My day started out better than most. People were greeting me with smiles and esteem. I thought the magic of the shirt had done its job, until around mid-day the shirt one-upped it self. It must have summoned the power of the moon and all its glory to upstage the sun. The sky became dark like a sunset. The moon covered the sun completely as my shirt was met with glory of the power it possesses.I took it off soon after because I was afraid it’s power was too great.I recommend this shirt to anyone wanting to have a well made tshirt

  79. 129

    Octdocterly Herbologisk

    This shirt is everything I have yearned for in my 21 years of living. I took it out for a test wear on the fourth of July on frat row and its magical powers seemed to act as a repellent for jerk frat bros. None of them talked to me or tried to get my number! It was awesome! Ladies, do not underestimate the power of this three wolf moon shirt. 10/10 would recommend.

  80. 129

    M Corrado

    Great skirt MAGA ____

  81. 129

    Christopher H.

    This shirt is absolutely amazing! from the graphics shown on the front! The color of the shirt that stands out to every eye that cast their sights on this shirt!!This shirt emboldens anyone who purchases one, and walk with confidence that you will be noticed and complimented! Definitely recommend getting one size bigger than your normal average size. Great fit out of the package!

  82. 129


    Great box. I love the program apps that come with it. I do wish it would allow me to use the google playstore to download other apps. I could do without the subtitles shown on every program I watch.

  83. 129


    The power of the wolves makes it feel like you are cuddled up in clouds. This is the best purchase I have ever made in my entire life. Do it.

  84. 129


    My son likes the shirt. Has a great look. Fabric is lighter than some other Tees I have.

  85. 129

    Charles L. Cornwall

    It doesn’t state that they are printed on Gildan T-Shirt? I love the look of the print but I live in Florida and I have lost a lot of the Gildan T-Shirts because of the sun, fading. I purchased 4 shirts only to my surprise discover Gildan? We’ll see I guess… I will keep posting…

  86. 129

    John Huff

    The shirt is great. The material isnÕt very soft but it is perfect in every other way. It was purchased for our son on his birthday and we are hoping it will help him with the ladies.

  87. 129


    The shirt looks good and fits kind of big. Have not washed it yet IÕll see if it shrinks a bit when I do. The color is the part IÕm too excited about, I thought from the picture that it was more of a Òburnt yellowÒ but itÕs actually much lighter. The front logo could be a little bigger. But overall itÕs an ok shirt, I like it but just not my favorite

  88. 129


    Nice shirt, but runs on the small side of American sizes. But you might argue, we’re fat.

  89. 129


    Great shirt

  90. 129


    After reading other reviews I had a hard time picking a size to order some said it fits true others said it fits small or shrinks. So I went with a XXL thinking I would rather it be big than not fit. I wish I would have ordered a XL. I am 6’4 and 230 pounds so in some shirts I need a XXL but this is not one of them. The shirt it self is great!

  91. 129


    Not only does it fit like a dream, everything I touch while wearing it turns to gold. My family calls me Midas, and I’m not even sure if he’s the one that turns stuff to gold or not. Or maybe they’re calling me lardass, it’s tough to hear them over the compliments I’m getting all day long.

  92. 129

    Amit Kumar

    XL fits perfect. 6’1’/185lbs. Name brand shirt (Gildan) which always fits me perfectly.

  93. 129


    This is such an awesome design! We’re wearing these for Halloween, even though they’re fun to just wear and get reactions. Very nice quality. And even if you don’t wash them before their first wear, the colors don’t bleed onto your other clothing. Nicely done!

  94. 129

    Thomas A.

    I bought this product as a gift for my beautiful wife. We have three sons and she loves the military green color. I thought this gift would be perfect with its three wild wolves representing the three small pups we have at home while the rest represents me as her moon and stars.Upon arrival, I decided to reveal this wonderful gift to her early, as I could not contain the thoughtfulness that went in to this Valentine’s Day present. Her reaction was different than I anticipated.I thought for sure she’d be excited. When I pulled that shirt out of its plastic sleeve there was a look of awestruck wonder that had appeared on my wife’s face. For a moment, I thought that she may have mistaken this shirt for tickets to Disneyworld or a few scratch-offs as her expression of joy was one I had not seen since the last time I surprised her with an Oreo Blizzard. With the fury of the she-wolf that had dwelt long in slumber deep down in her bones, she attacked me and stole the shirt from my grasps. Before I could open my eyes she had adorned said shirt and had me pinned to the floor. She leaned in close and began sniffing my head and neck. I could feel her honing in on my jugular and it was at this time I first feared for my life.Suddenly in one swift motion, she took me straight from the floor and threw me over her shoulder. I felt like an innocent kettlebell being manhandled during an afternoon WOD. The last thing I remember is the weightlessness I felt as I soared through the air. I landed so hard on our bed that I blacked out. I canÕt say what happened next. This may be due to the head trauma I sustained or perhaps it is my subconscious doing all it can to protect my now fragile psyche; blocking the experience from my recollection.I woke up two days later. I am not sure where she is now. Our pillows and cushions have been ripped to pieces in the living room and cotton covers the floors like a winter wonderland. All the shoes in the house have been torn up and it appears someone used the business end of a toilet brush as a chew toy. Our home is eerily quiet. The silence is periodically broken by moans that I can only assume are coming from an injured cat in the distance. There are claw marks on the back door as it swings wide open, allowing the cold February air to fill our home. I am scared to leave. I’ve now locked myself in the bathroom and am writing this review for the safety and concern I have for other husbands.Take my advice. For ValentineÕs Day, get her a gift card.

  95. 129

    Dana J.

    Purchased 2 for Christmas presents canÕt wait for them to be opened. I know they will love them!

  96. 129

    Ronald W Stark

    Love the graphics but does run about a size smaller. I wear a XXL but should have gone w a XXXL.

  97. 129


    It took awhile to get here, 2 weeks, even though it was a prime item and I picked 2 days, it wasn’t available for some reason, but I didn’t pay for shipping so that was good! I got this for one older brother for his birthday, but got the wrong size and had to give it to my oldest brother for his birthday the next month! I will have order another for the middle older brother soon! He wears a 1x and the other a large, which is what I got, but my oldest brother loved it himself, and now I know the other really wants one too,lol! Its well made and fits as you would expect for a mans large! So it was worth the wait!

  98. 129

    Xavier Wolfe

    I purchased this shirt as a gift for my fiance. I have not yet decided if that was the best, or worst decision of my life.

  99. 129


    After purchasing this cloak, my entire life changed. I no longer have to sit and wait in lines at the battlestar galactica convetions. In addition, the late night walking of my dog has turned into late night walking by my dog. I cannot tell you the relief I felt the moment I no longer had to worry about the location of my excrements. Also, there is a subtle appreciation of being tugged back every time I reach for a mushroom in the yard.

  100. 129

    Stephen C. Carpenter

    Very happy with this shirt. Cool design, comfortable and it does not get me hot wearing it, which is important to me. Some shirts make you crazy hot especially when it contains a high percent of polyester, i am sure this happens for many people. I wash it inside out on cold & hang dry. No problem. What can i say , i would buy it again. 🙂

  101. 129


    Bought the shirt for a friend as a present and I am sure he is going to LOVE it!! Looks great and arrived 11 days earlier!! Thanks!!

  102. 129


    Like the shirt but should have got a XL cause a Large don’t fit after being washed just my 2 cents. Gonna haft to order another one a size bigger and give this one to the wife for a pj shirt.

  103. 129


    don’t put in dyrer

  104. 129


    I am 6’4′ tall, 260 pounds – slight beer gut – and I usually buy XXL Tall shirts. I liked this design so I tried an XXXL. It fits perfectly and does not look like I am wearing a dress. I am able to wear a long John shirt under the t-shirt. The shirt itself is a fairly thin material.I will purchase again from this company, and although I do wish they offered tall sizes, I can vouch for XXXL working as a replacement for XXL Tall without the waist turning into a dress.

  105. 129


    This is great! Now I can finally feel like I fit in when I go to Wal-Mart.

  106. 129


    Good quality shirt and great price.

  107. 129

    El Chivo

    Great design and no complaints. However, fyi to any buyer, you will want to buy a size up from usual, as these shirts tend to shrink about a size down.

  108. 129


    Fits really well. The colors and design on the shirt are amazing and I am super happy I decided to purchase this tshirt. I donÕt usually buy this type, but it came up on my suggested items and after taking a look, I decided to give it a shot and I am so glad I did!

  109. 129

    R. Thomas

    I bought this shirt because it reminded me of that hilarious ‘Frazier’ episode where he howled at the moon. Great shirt!

  110. 129

    Cape Girl

    I work in a nursing home. One of my residents loves wolves and wanted a tshirt with them on it. She was ecstatic when she asked if I could order her one since she has no credit card. She loves the shirt and can’t wait to get another one.

  111. 129


    Three Wolfe Moon shirt comes in. Wife wants to beat me to the mail so she can throw it away. As she is pulling out to get mail and beat me to the shirt it runs late. I follow in my truck and mail man is at the mailbox. Boom! Three Wolfe Moon shirt in my lap. After we get home a few hours later I put on shirt. We have been talking about only having one Owl that stays around our back yard. I literally put on Three Wolfe Moon Shirt and walk out onto back porch to have beer. Two Owls literally fly directly over me almost immediately. Boom! Three Wolfe Moon shirt. As true of a story as it gets.

  112. 129


    Your going to think I’m crazy, but when I opened the box it came in, I actually heard wolves in the far distance. When I actually put the shirt on, the hairs on my arm stood up and I could hear my own heart beat. I was instantly hungry and ate 3 steaks, raw. Afterwards I fell into a deep sleep and was exposed to a crazy fever dream. I could hear warm drums and the chants of Native American warriors, they were calling me to come join them, to quench the thirst for blood, to wage war and unleash my animal instincts. I awoke to a massive erection that lasted for days. I haven’t put the shirt on since, its in a box, that’s inside of a box, that’s inside of a box that’s inside of a closet that’s inside of a room that’s inside of a basement, that’s inside of a house, that’s inside of a neighborhood that I don’t visit anymore. I can still hear it calling to me. Only buy this shirt if you think you can handle it.

  113. 129

    Sam P.

    As soon as I put this on, I realized I was listening to a song with wolf baying in the background. It’s magical, basically you become like a super-human when you wear this, irresistible to women and able to bend steel girders with a mere thought. I had to buy a few for my wolf-pack members. My last one was somewhat damaged in an outer-space battle where my entire ship exploded, but luckily I pulled through thanks to the Wolves and the Moon, I was able to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere and make a clean landing no problem.

  114. 129

    Carlos GC

    I heard all of the rumors and I read all of the reviews about the ‘magic’ this shirt is suppose to have and didn’t believe any of the hype. I bought one simply to prove to myself, once and for all, that it wasn’t true. I put it on and went to Walmart where many of the miracles supposedly occur. Everywhere I went, every aisle I walked down, every item on ever shelf I was looking for, there was someone there seeking my attention. Everyone in the place regardless of race, sex, religion or peanut butter preference were in my way. Yes, the magic is real…and yes, it sucks.

  115. 129


    For years I read about the magical powers of these shirts and saved diligently to buy my own. I would lay awake in bed, imagining my future life and wondering if there will be enough wolf magic in this world to have a proper wolf experience. The day my shirt arrived I was overjoyed! The wolf powers were so strong I had to slowly adjust to wearing it. I would just let the shirt rest on top of my head a few minutes at a time for the first couple of days. I finally gathered up the courage to put it over my head and then wore it around my neck for about a week. Then I put my right arm through, a week later my left, then finally pulled it down to cover my gut. At that moment I achieved my full wolf power. I stopped wearing any other clothes as I have no need for them anymore. The powers can’t be described, they need to be experienced to be understood.

  116. 129


    This shirt is AMAZING as soon as I put it on I was notified that I had just won the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences for making such a shrewd purchasing decision!

  117. 129

    David Lipke

    I had been preparing for months to be the dungeon master for a group of players who were brand new to Dungeons and Dragons. I read the books, I bought the dice, I thought I had everything prepared for what I hoped to be a fun and engrossing evening. Five days before the game I knew there was something missing. I bought energy drinks, that wasnÕt it. I created a playlist based on the soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian, that wasnÕt it. Then I passed the hall mirror and saw myself. Non-authoritative, pallid, weak and most importantly, just too mundane. The epiphany struck.I ordered the three wolf shirt with express shipping. It was lost in the cogs of my local PO and I thought about canceling the night. But my faith preserved me and I was rewarded with the arrival of my power totem the day of my game. I hand washed it in cold water and as the rich, indigo dye swirled around my hands I could feel the power and confidence of a three wolf pack shudder into my veins like an IV of pure awesome. The shirt fits perfectly. The adventure was a rousing success and the confidence and authority that was channeled directly from the moon over my heart made me a god that night. I may have to purchase in another color just to feel the primal rush surge through me from another chromatic perspective.

  118. 129


    This awesome T-shirt helps me to find love and to protect myself. To begin, I was walking during the night in an hazardous street when I came back from a date, which had been disastrousÉSuddenly, I saw a guy who didnÕt seem very handsome at first, who was attacked by three hefty boys. All of a sudden, he turned over me and I saw a gorgeous and attractive T-shirt with three wolves and a moon. The wolves leapt out of his T-shirt !!! They protected him by jumping and eating bad guys. That was at this moment that I fell in love with this top and, of course, the boy inside it.The strangest thing of this story is that weÕve had three wolves as children!!! In fact, the wild animals vanished out of the T-shirts and now they only come back with the moon. And for a short moment, we all live on the moon with our entire family.So donÕt waste your time by buying stupid and ugly clothes !!BUY IT AND YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE FOREVER !!![This review is courtesy of the ESL (English as a Second Language) class all the way from Lesneven, France. The ‘judges’ are most grateful to all the students that submitted entries; you all did an *excellent* job!]

  119. 129

    Arnold F. Williams

    This seemed like an ordinary T-shirt till I put it on and I had the uncontrollable urge to howl like a wild wolf. Not sure what happened in the days following that, I just don’t seem to remember, but I definitely don’t believe what any of these people keep telling me. The upside is I have learned to type by using a pencil in my mouth since this damned straight jacket makes everything so difficult, like escaping.

  120. 129


    The groomsmen and I all wore wolf shirts for my bachelor party. It was great, except every woman we passed basically threw themselves at us. We couldn’t go anywhere without a horde of women following us trying to mate. We played laser tag and we all shot with 100% accuracy and maxed out the high-scores. The high-school kid running the place bowed down to us and said he’s never seen anyone get scores half as high or be followed by women half as beautiful. We ran into Donald Trump at a bar in NYC and he said ‘Cool shirt, that makes me want to run for President’. So, buyer beware – this will have a significant impact on your life and the lives of all who see it.

  121. 129

    Karen Hubbard

    Third shirt purchased in 3 months! Love color, fit, design and on sale!

  122. 129

    Olman G. Aguilar Gamboa

    I originally bought this shirt as a prank for my bf because we saw Dwight from The Office wearing it. I didnÕt think heÕd wear it but he did! Soon as he put it on I felt chills. I think I mightÕve made a terrible mistake! He wore it to a family event and I noticed it attracted all my aunts because they kept coming back to ask him if he wanted more food and completely ignored me! If it has this effect on my aunts I donÕt think IÕm letting him wear it out on the streets. I havenÕt had the chance to wash it so Idk what the outcome will be after that.

  123. 129


    Going on day 4; I’ve gotten laid every day since owning this shirt. That’s the power of 3 wolf magic.

  124. 129


    Overall, the shirt looks fantastic. Very cool glow in the dark, works well. Got this for my daughter who has taken my love of wolves. Only problem is the size. I read other reviews that said it was too big for what they ordered. I was hoping for that! I ordered a Medium, and got a shirt that maybe fits a 4/5 toddler. My daughter might get a few wears before the wash shrinks it away to doll size. Can’t send back, it would break her heart. Just wish they had this corrected before it was sent.

  125. 129


    I bought this for my husband in his usual size. The one we received seems like almost a whole size smaller. HeÕs able to wear it anyway, and loves the picture. The material is ok, could be a bit thicker. I like thick cotton material, so I could just expect too much. I would order similar again, but next time will need to order a whole size larger

  126. 129


    this is my most complimented shirt. I wear it to sleep but also out to party. makes a statement without being over the top. puts you in the wolf mentality

  127. 129

    Teri L. Newman

    When I clicked on the photo to select my color the photo was black but the description said green. Needless to say I was a bit confused and took my chances. The shirt is in fact black. A bit disappointed that it wasnÕt green but I love the shirt regardless!

  128. 129


    Prior to ordering, I believed that all of the magic that was promised was pure tomfoolery, but my god was i mistaken. Upon arrival, the package was trembling as it attempted to contain its contents. As I faced the shirt for the first time, my acne cleared and my hair grew 3 inches. I was in awe. As soon as I put it on my dogs no longer barked at me, they seemed to recognize my new status as alpha in the house. I grabbed the keys to my ford pinto and drove to the nearest Home Depot. Before I entered there was chaos. 2×4Õs falling from the shelves, people falling from ladders, 2 women fighting over the last pack of big league chew, but when they saw me in all my glory it all stopped. They halted before my majestic wolf pack. Because of the canine musk that I emitted in that store, IÕm happy to announce that I have a date with the lead cashier Peggy. So you could say the wolf pack has grown to 5.

  129. 129

    Charlie __

    I knew I was in for something special when I first wore it and the gal at Fr*sh T*yme offered me Sale Prices a week after the Sale ended. She also offered me One Free Item from the Store – but I declined…I was proposing to my girl and needed a little backup, so I strapped on my Dark Blue Three Wolves Howling shirt and went for it… She seemed to be transfixed on my receding hairline as I asked, but she screamed ‘Yes, YES, YES!!!’No doubt to the ac that she was under my magical superpower – acquired by me through the awesome shirt.Please, Don’t Delay! Get your Three Wolves Howling T-Shirt as soon as possible – and DO NOT settle for a knockoff, those have adverse effects…

  130. Owen

    Great product! Nice design


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